Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Dark Age Army - Part 1

I am back !!

You may recall that back in April I bought rather a lot of plastic at Salute for my Dark Ages project. The ambitious plan was to create two armies of the 11th century - one Norman and one Saxon.

This would be built using plastic figures with about 500 figures per side...over the last few weeks I have made a sizeable dent in the project and am proud to share my first photos...

Please note that the bases are not finished ..these will be done once everything is complete

Unarmoured Saxons and Slingers

Norman Cavalry

Armoured Saxon Infantry

Norman Armoured Infantry

I have also asembled all the other figures...that a lot of plastic figures to paint

Another 100 Saxons almost complete

2 more trays of Normans awaiting paint

More Saxons & Archers

What isn't shown here are the ninety other Norman Horse - these are all painted and just need a varnish. In my next post I'll show off the full Cavalry wing of William the Conqueror

more soon....


  1. There is no stopping you, eh? Looks amazing as always!

    Are those Saxons the former Wargames Factory now Warlod Games ones?

    1. I bought some of the warlord ones and they are useless - all the figures come from gripping beast and conquest games

    2. Oh, I can’t blame you, those Wargames Factory / Warlord Games plastic Saxons/ Vikings are terrible.
      It’s a good think that Gripping Beast are also quite affordable.

  2. Really excellent progress on the dark age armies and the a Hastings project. It’s going to be great and I’m eager to read more.

    Sorry the warlord figures didn’t work out. They are terrible though and it’s probably wiser for your sanity to eat the cost and replace them with the more quality gripping beast and Conquest.