Sunday, 24 June 2018

Khartoum Continues - Markets, Mosques & Minarets

Good Morning All

Latest update for my Khartoum build...

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I have now finished the ground work for 16 tiles - thats a lot flagstones ! But it is starting to look good - the palm trees have just been plonked down on these photos - going to need some attention

Up next will be to finish up these buildings - add a few bits and bobs and some more colour

Of course if you are going to build an islamic city you are going to need some Minarets and to be frank I was looking for inspiration and an idea popped into my head - those moroccan tea lamps would be perfect...

Off to the poundshop  and ebay

Add the lamp to a tower, remove the glass, and cover up all the fancy stars.. leaving you something like this


The thinner minaret is also a lamp and needs nmore work before completion & painting

I think they look suitably Arabic

Finally I made the plunge and bought three kits from Sarissa last week - their two souk buildings and the Embassy building. These were dead easy to assemble and will be the final buildings to complete in this project.

Hopefully the next few days we see these move forward...

Until next time


  1. This project continues to fill me with just plain awe! These are so well done. Will you be constructing a wall for the city and some sort of land side main gate? The inspiration for my question has its genesis in a recent watching of the movie, Khartoum....

  2. Impressive, I love the way you just get on with these projects.

  3. An excellent project, coming along nicely. You can add colour to the mosque and minaret. Teal blue and turquoise are common.

  4. Looking great I will look out for the lamps next time I am in town 🙂

  5. Great idea for using those lamps. Cut in half they might make nice ornamental windows too.

  6. Great use of those lamps. The project is coming along nicely :)

  7. That looks pretty darn spectacular. A wonderful project.

  8. Fantastic looking project! Nice idea with the minarets too! Amazing the stuff one can find at a dollar store.

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  10. Outstanding work, beautiful table! I see the makings of an epic convention game here....