Thursday, 9 November 2017

A strange turn of events....The Bad News Update

Hi All

Following my previous post I took the liberty of using the last two evenings (I reckon about 14 hours of work) to down load every one of the photos I had on photobucket (count over 5500).

I tried using some apps to do this en masse but they kept falling over so it was the very painful task of doing each one individually - thank god my broadband speed was up to the job.

So eventually when I crawled into bed at 2am last night I could sleep easy knowing that all my hobby photos are now in my possession !

and guess what.....

I get this email from photobucket this afternoon....

Moss (Photobucket Support)
Nov 9, 11:25 AM MST

Thank you for reaching out to us about this. In regards to the email you received, we have decided to make an exception for your account. You will be able to stay on your current Plus 20 subscription and will not need to upgrade your account at this time.

As stated in our current Terms of Use, you will continue to be grandfathered into 3rd Party Hosting capabilities until the end of December 2018 or when your subscription ends in 2019, whichever comes last.

We apologize for the confusion and any inconvenience this may have caused. Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns regarding this.


Moss@Photobucket Support
Have a question about something else? Our help site is packed with articles to get the help you need quickly. Click this link to access our help site -

is this a coincidence? I don't think so - I cannot be the only premium account holder they posted to on Monday who has decided to take matters into their own hands by downloading images from their own accounts.

Might this signify the start of a U Turn from Photobucket?

I have left all the images ( I have my own copies now) sitting on photo bucket for the time being and to all intents and purposes whilst they are still there and can be used for third party hosting I'll stick with them. It does mean that I can continue to use the account until June next year. So the pressure is off on what to do next.

I'll let you know my decision in the coming days




  1. Good result! At least it buys you some time to investigate alternatives. That must have been a fun couple of evenings :)

  2. "reaching out to us" ... shudder! :-S

  3. Good grief... All that work then it seems you have time and to spare! Most times the only way to get things done is to complain. I'm glad all's well that ends well, though.

  4. Good gosh... well, at least now you have copies of them all and you can sleep better knowing that. Chances are you'd have forgotten about downloading them all before the next time PB decided to pull duch a stunt

    1. Well, you probably wouldn't have, but I know I would have ;-)

  5. I’d be looking around for an alternative. PB have not been treating their users with respect over the past year.

  6. The plans look like they are still going ahead for 2018 / 19 .... just not today. Perhaps this just helps the company deal with the honouring of 'expectations' based around original agreements and costs that may come out of that and to do something that could be argued as reasonable notice.

  7. A fairly typical response from a company when it realises it's bullying tactics are not going to wash. If it were me that would just ice the cake in deciding to give them the heave-ho...