Thursday, 25 May 2017

Attack, Attack, Attack - a VBCW report

Monday night saw the Shed regulars convene for another game of Bolt Action VBCW style.

It was a simple game - three players would take the Anglican forces and force their way up the long side of the table to capture a fuel depot situated at Mustard Manor. BUF forces (about half the strength of the attackers had to delay their advance.

As things panned out the defenders (Mark & myself had a torriod time) - we failed to hit the proverbial barn door and inflicted virtually no casualties on the attackers despite our defended positions and hidden deployment.

To be frank I cant be bothered to write up the report but here are some photos from a most thrilling game (especially if you were attacking (Rolf, Alastair and John)

As you will see from the pictures there were lots of rivers, canals and bridges. Even the railway embankment came into play....

The attackers in a variety of motorised vehicles arrived...

They even had an armoured barge complete with gun and naval contingent - the best the BUF could was immobilise this early on

More troops arrive and the lane is busier than the M25 on a Monday morning

The pillbox in the distance held an AT gun - it fired about six times - every one a miss !

Moving on up the river

Troops begin to disembark for the assault

Artillery knocks out the BUF big red tank

Over the viaduct here they come !

Did I mention that the League had aerial support as well as off table artillery. Both were used to deadly affect

More soon...


  1. indeed, just nice to immerse oneself into the pictures.

  2. Absolutely brilliant! I love the idea of the armoured barge (brings to mind the riverine wars, monitors etc in Vietnam)(don't mention 'nam dude!). Whole new concept. But that's a project too far. Thanks. Loved it.

  3. Lovely stuff! Nice to see the civilised presence of the tea van amid the scrum.

  4. Giles , have you seen the new range of BUF figures launched by warlord ???

  5. indeed, just nice to immerse oneself into the pictures.