Monday, 19 December 2016

More Zulus

Hi Folks

Life has suddenly become very busy which means very little time in the shed for gaming, building and painting.....and I have a dilemma...

A few weeks back I committed to my gaming group that we would be re-fighting the engagements of Isandlwhana and Rorkes Drift on their anniversary in January. Thinking no more about it I booked the date - Sunday 22nd January.

I then sent out the emails and blow me down interest is sky high for a day of assegais and redcoats. Thinking some of my chums must have reserves of Zulus in their own collections I put out the rally call.

Only Legatus had some...a contingent of about sixty. I needed more if this was going to be an impressive game.

Only one thing for it buy and paint some more. This weekend two more army boxes arrived each containing 120 Zulus - 240 in total.

If I can get these completed I should be able to field at least 750 of the warriors.

So Saturday night saw me glue together the full 240 and base them on washers. In a fug of glue fumes my head was reeling on how best to complete this little lot in less than four weeks.Actually its two weeks as January from a work perspective is manic.

Sunday night saw the first coat of paint on sixty and by the early hours of this morning this sixty were painted and dipped. With fingers crossed I might just be able to get the core painting done by the weekend. Even by Shed standards 240 figures in a week is going some...

I'll post piccies when they are done

Wish me luck

 PS The Jason Project is on hold until this lot are done


  1. The assembly alone of 240 chaps is an achievement in its own right - Impressed!

  2. Astonishing productivity, good luck with the rest!

  3. It's apt you've put Jason on hold. Work on two epics simultaneously would be madness! Good luck!

  4. wow!! well... Good Luck!!!! and have fun!! :D

  5. I really don't know how you do it, oh & good luck

  6. What do you need 750 Zulu's for?!?

  7. That's a lot of Zulus to get painted in just a few days - best of luck with the effort :)

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