Thursday, 10 November 2016

Zulu Wars - Rorkes Drift - Project Finished

Of course when I decided to build my Zulu War project I would at sometime have to feature Rorkes Drift and so I busily started looking at the various options.

I quickly realised that there were three ....

1. Build it myself
2. Purchase the resin models from Redoubt
3. Purchase the 4ground models

Fortunately my decision was made easier when I picked up the latter models for a good price along with all the barricades from the Warlord Games Rorkes Drift box set from a fellow gamer, Hu Rhu, at BLAM.

These were part of a long dormant project of his and part of the deal was to invite him down to the shed once they were all built. No problem !

The buildings themselves are all MDF and it became quickly obvious that it would be much better to paint the pieces before assembly. All the walls were sprayed matt white before I turned my attention to the wooden door frames, windows and lintels.

The exposed brick work was painted basalt gray and then each brick picked out in a deep red brown.

At present the roofs are unpainted teddy bear fur soaked in PVA - can't help thinking they would not look out of place on the President Elects head

The set I bought came with some mealie bag defences and the resin wagon. These I augmented with a few extra purchases from Warlord Games themselves - chiefly some more barricades and the redoubt. I have to say these resin pieces are gorgeous and the cart covered in bags is so evocative of the movie....

On top of the buildings I acquired some bell tents from Renedra and based these on plasticard. Rorkes Drift is almost complete. Although the layout shown is not accurate it does convey the affect I was looking to achieve. Just had to add some defenders...;-)

The only think left to paint is the stone Kraal and the Cattle

Thanks to everybody for following the progress on this project - it has been a labour love and as mentioned in previous posts it is dedicated to the memory of my father.

Of course we now have to refight this engagement and what better than to do this on its 138th anniversary  - Sunday 23rd January - I'll keep you all posted.


  1. Fantastic effort Eric

    Completely jealous of being able to play out this historic scenario.

    I have figures somewhere, mostly painted, no terrain or buildings but a cracking set of homegrown rules which were a blast when we last played them a decade or two ago.

    1. Thanks Jim

      Still to decide on the ruleset we are going to use

  2. Rorke's Drift is looking good :)

  3. Simply stunning layout! Do I hear Natives chanting? Perhaps not until January. Looking forward to your anniversary game.

    1. Thank you - Game is confirmed for 22nd - just need to sort venue - this will be played outside the shed

  4. Very impressive- it certainly looks the part.



  5. Big Fan I really do like it and may well make my own but in 10mm. Thanks for showing it and I look forward to seeing more and more on this battle. (Maybe a report)

  6. Nicely done! The buildings look excellent, particularly the thatch.

  7. fantastic work Eric - looks fantastic!

  8. Brilliant a refight on every wargamers bucket list :-)