Thursday 21 April 2016

ECW Army Project...What have we done

On Monday night my chum Mark came over with his painted ECW army. Whilst painting my Parliamentary force he was busy doing the same with the Royalists. Between us we have painted over 1000 28mm figures since late December 2015 and we are very close to completion.

It only seemed right to put out the vast array of troops.... and it soon became clear that my fifteen foot long table is NOT going to be big enough !

The vast majority of troops on show are all Warlord plastics but we have both augmented our forces with a sprinkling of Bicorne, Redoubt, Perry, Foundry and a few others.

Its a good thing there is an extension planned !

All the forces are mounted on movement trays and it took us no longer than 10 mins to clear away into the boxes we had both bought for the project.

The Royalist Army


The forces across the table...Parliament on the left (mine) - Royalists to the right (Mark)

We'll be taking close ups of the troops during our first game...scheduled for May

Come back soon

For more ECW stuff just search ECW for battle reports, terrain builds, cards etc. Thanks for following this project


  1. Good heavens! Just a few more and you'd be able to fight Marston Moor on a 1:1 ratio. Nice!

  2. impressive collection in a very short time.

  3. That's a lot of troops. Will the planned extension be big enough?

  4. Zounds Sirrah! But that is a wondrous prospect to gladden a fellow's heart, and excite his envy.

  5. Good grief! And all done so quickly too!

  6. as Charlie said , no flanking manouvers :-)

  7. That is an impressive battle array. One thousand 28s painted since December 2015? Unbelievable!