Tuesday 8 March 2016

A Trip to Berlin - Berlin Battlefield

Hi Folks
A big apology for the prolonged absence - once again real lie continues to get in the way of hobby action !

Last week I had the fortune to attend a business conference in Berlin - a city I have never been to so given the conference wrapped up on the Thursday I decided to fly Mrs Shed over to the city for the weekend.

I'll post up some of the more memorable things we discovered in the city in the next post but whilst waiting for her to join me I took the advantage of heading across town to visit Berlins premier wargame store - Battlefield Berlin.

The store is huge and aside from the various shows I have visited I don't think I have ever seen so many minis under one roof. It was amazing and I wish we could have stores like this in the UK !

The guys in the store were really friendly and there appeared to be a steady trickle of customers visiting whilst I was there. In the end I purchased a few minis to augment my Frostgrave table - name rats and other beasties.

The Front entance

And it comes complete with a games room...sadly no action in the middle of the afternoon

So if you are visiting Berlin this is worth a visit...

In my next post I'll talk about the Wall and how I drove a Trabant across the city...


  1. Wow! I could spend days in there and not get bored.

  2. Excellent.....went to Berlin last year and had a great time masses of history didn't make it to the shop though.

  3. Good store report. I will put them on my "to see" list when I finally make it to Berlin.

  4. Looks like an excellent store. I had permission for long 'lads' weekend in Berlin last April. A result of a the cancelled German Grand Prix, bus that's another story! Fascinating city.

    Unfortunately I didn't get to visit any gaming related places such as this but we did cram in a lots of the major sights, included the TV Tower and a rather stomach-churning flight in the tethered balloon as a thunder storm rolled in!

  5. Now that is a wargames shop! I used to go to Berlin quite a bit,staying right next to the Brandenburg Gate, so it was Museum Island I went to - art galleries and the wonderful Pergamon Museum for ancient civilisation relics.

  6. Look forward to seeing what else u saw ... that shop is perfectly brilliant , the guys at heroes and legends should have paid that a visit .