Monday 5 October 2015

The Crusader Army part 2

Back in July I started painting the Crusader Army to match up against my Saracens..over the last couple of weeks I have made some progress.

Original post starts here

Virtually all of my Fireforge Infantry are now painted.

The following pictures show up two boxes worth (96 figures)

All the units are built in multiples of six or eight thereby serving both Lion Rampant and Saga.

This lot will be added to the units already painted for my Robin Hood Games giving me around 200 foot.

Some boys in green...

Some classic Crusader foot soldiers

Some boys in blue and white

Crossbowman unit to go with the unit above

another xbow unit

and another 0- this time no livery -

and finally a unit of Templar soldiers

almost finished..three resting camels

Now need to start on the cavalry

Until next time


  1. These look good! The different colours are very nice. Have they been dipped? If so might I be so bold as to suggest using some army painter matt varnish to take off the shine? The 2 products are designed to be used together. Its the method I've been using to finish my dwarfs and it works very well for large numbers of troops.

    If they weren't dipped then obviously ignore that :P

    1. Thank you Sir...

      I did use dip (but painted on) , thanks for matt varnish tip but I actually like the shiny finish. Call me old fashioned - they remind me of old toy soldiers

    2. I paint the dip on myself. Much easier to control where it pools. The models look great and I'm looking forward to photos of them in action as Saga and Lion Rampant are systems we are looking at starting. Love the background for the photos. Very nice touch!

  2. Nice work Sir! I like the photo backgrounds too, really enhances the theme .

    1. thanks Tim

      Finally getting the hang of my camera...thought adding the backdrop (just a picture off the internet) would add something...

  3. Very nice! I do like the look of these Fireforge Infantry !

  4. Very nice work. That's a lot of figures to knock out!

  5. Going along nicely there Mr Shed.

  6. Replies
    1. I think I meant to write Hospitallers...thank you for you observation