Friday, 30 October 2015

First part of my Frostgrave order arrived !

Yesterday a rather large box arrived from Northstar games...this was the first part of my mega Frostgrave order.

I decided to back the Nickstarter on Northstar games and picked up the early bird starter price of £203......

The Nickstarter ends on the 2nd November so get in quick if you want to bag a bargain.

My first parcel appears to be the components from the first campaign


  • Frostgrave core Rulebook,
  • ten Wizard packs
  • four Specialist Soldier packs
  • six Bestiary  packs
  • box of the plastic Frostgrave Soldiers
  • Tales of the Frozen City.
  • Plus, the Armour Rack, the Lectern, and the six  Treasure tokens.
  • Plus the Lich Lord figure
The remainder of my order is expected in early November

I'll be posting up the paint jobs on these as they develop.

Plus some exciting news on the terrain....which will be revealed at the weekend

Until next time


  1. I passed my resistance check (a Will-check against charm) against the Nickstarter. I have enough minis to have a warband (or half a dozen, I guess). I'll just buy the new book when it is released.
    It was a difficult test, though, with all those very fine minis...

  2. I am going to order a couple of magicians and a box of plastics initially...

  3. Really nice but I'm going to play with figures I already have wizards, dark age warriors, fantasy Empire where I have them. Look forward to seeing yours up and running though.