Sunday, 15 March 2015

VBCW - The Posties Mechanised Unit part 1

Having got bored painting Saracens, building Volcano's and Tramp steamers - don't worry these will all be completed -  I have turned my attention to a small project.

One of the great things about the VBCW genre is the opportunity to create ficticious units in this 1930's setting.

A few weeks back one of the job lot of LLedo vehicles I purchased included a postie van and the thought occurred to me that a unit of Postmen in their bright red vehicles would look stunning on the table.

So this project was born.

This would be a totally mobile and mechanised unit - ie in vans and trucks so a quick sweep of ebay found these wonderful vehicles and were duly purchased.

As you can see their are four vans for the rifle squads, a flatbed which will mount an AT gun, and a couple of smaller vehicles to use as staff cars, observers and MG crew?

Talking about the Postmen themselves - I purchased these sometime ago....they are from Empress Miniatures in their Mutton Chops range - link below

The troops are all based on WW1 BEF figures - complete with their caps and puttees. These will be painted in nice blue uniforms befitting of a postmen in the 1930's. As you can see in the picture above I have started trying to find the right blue ! I still need to add a Mortar Crew and a Vickers Machine gun.

To support the Postie unit they will get an armoured car/half track, and an MG Lloyd carrier. Source Empress

Finally our Post Unit will need some armour support - the resin beast below is a tank sourced fro Caliver at last years salute. I believe it is an old PMC model.

The big question - Can I be so bold as to paint these pillar box red?? Of course I can. The colour scheme will match those LLedo vehicles I purchased - bright red and black.

Don't you just love the variety you can get in VBCW and that nobody can tell you that you are wrong...

part 2 is now here...


  1. What a fantastic idea! They are certainly most suitable for mechanisation.

    Not sure how much work would it involve, but maybe you'd consider "camouflaging" one of the turrets (tank's main turret maybe?) into a mail box?

    I don't really have people to play VBCW with here, but I know exactly what you mean by making your own units. I've gave a football assault company a tough, who else would be able to kick the grenades 100 yards across the no man's land?

  2. Inspired unit choice. They will, I presume be part of the Socialist coalition (despite the "Royal" tag, posties have always been strong trade unionists).

  3. Excellent! Can't wait to see them all painted up!

  4. Very nice. Good idea, can't wait to see the full unit out on the table!

  5. A gorgeous idea. I look forward to seeing the finished photos!

  6. Red paint must mean they are easier to hit!

  7. "The postman always shoots twice" :-)

  8. Going postal, how cool is that! Their leader isn't just some General, but the Postmaster General!

  9. Fantastic idea. Don't forget a bicycle mounted scout section!

  10. That is so awesome, I am a postal worker and making my own army for VBCW and pulp games using these figures for rank and file from Empress Miniatures:-

    For Artillery I am using these:-

    For mounted postmen with rifles and dismounted postmen :-

    HMG unit these :-

    As a postman I do like the idea of a HMG being towed by dogs lol