Tuesday, 29 July 2014

The Leopard is delivered

If you followed my last post on the Leopard in the Shed a couple of weeks ago you will know that I volunteered to take the beast up to Absolute Radio Station to meet his new owner Christian O'Connell.
Christian is going to use him in his stage show at the Edinburgh fringe this week but I have no clue what Lofty the Leopard is going to do in the show.
Anyway at 7am we popped him into the back of the cart and drove the 10 miles through the London traffic to one golden square. As you can imagine the site of a stuffed leopard in the back of my convertible caused no end of rubber necking and big smiles. Even a few toots from fellow listeners as we gave a live travel report along the Kings Road !

Lofty got to meet the breakfast show gang and Christians sidekick Ritchie was non too pleased having the stuffed animal placed in his gaze.

There were of course the obligatory photos - took the opportunity to promote Shed wars on my T Shirt !

As you can see both my kids were chuffed to be there and my son even got to line up a few tracks with the man himself

So Lofty gone to a new home...and we are very pleased his stuffed life has been extended rather than visiting the local refuse tip.

Until next time

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