Monday, 30 June 2014

2014 Half Year Blog Report...

Its almost half way through the year so a quick update on the blog progress and what’s planned for the rest of the year.
First up the statistics…

I have finally managed to convince 252 of you to follow the blog – thank you to everybody.

Back in December I achieved the 100k hit mark – the good news is that I am now passed 165k page views and on the current run rate I’ll go past 200k around September. I am typically averaging 10,000 views a month which works out about 330 views per day. I am going to do my best to hit 250k by the end of the year!

This will be post number 225 so over the last two and half years I have been averaging 7.5 per month – around two per week. Its been tough to keep this rate going but I do believe content is king and to maintain interest I need to keep focussing on turning out new builds, reviews or battle reports.

With these sorts of numbers I think that the blog is now getting some serious traction so here goes a couple of requests….

1.       If there are any manufacturers interested in either advertising on the blog or would like me to do a review on their products please do drop me a line.

2.       If there are any publishers out there who would like to publish any of my articles or would like to feature any of my games again please do drop me a line.

In both cases you are probably best contacting me via the Lead Adventure Forum under the name of Eric the Shed. I should add that I am not looking for hard cash payments but discounts on ranges would be more than welcome.

The focus this year has been building Little England in the shed for my VBCW project. Its been great fun and there is still so much more to build.

I have plans for an aerodrome, a coastal village and some other smaller bespoke pieces. My initial plans are drafted but the serious work of construction has yet to begin.

Whilst working on the big stuff I have also been slapping paint on figures (close to 300 since January) and can now field forces from four of the major belligerents (BUF, Royalists, Partisans and Anglican League). These forces have been supported with a number of vehicles.

Of particular interest was finding out that the toy company Solido manufactures die cast tanks which are perfect for 28mm  - I have bought tanks for half the price of an equivalent resin version. They of course need a paint job but are worthy of the battlefield.

Perhaps the big highlight later in the year will be BLAM, a games festival for 20+ serious players who frequent the LAF. I have taken it on myself this year to coordinate the planning of this event…three days in my local pub in Surbiton. If its anything like the last couple of years we will be in for a big treat. The event is taking place in October so more on this as the time approaches.

I should state that this is an invite only event to LAF members and that all the available spaces have been taken.

Aside from the VBCW project I am also planning to get started on my Pulp theme games  - these will be based in the ruins of Ancient Egypt. Over the last few weeks I have been steadily building up the paraphernalia required and photos will appear shortly.

On a final note I seem to have managed to find myself another job and as such Ill be leaving my current employer later this week. With the new role starting in August It would appear that a few weeks off are on the agenda.

All the best


Eric the Shed


  1. Crickey , another year half gone, where does the time go? Best of luck in the new job!

  2. Time flies, they say, when you are enjoying yourself: your half year must have flown by! I have also enjoyed following your exploits and projects very much! Thanks!

  3. 300 figures in six months? Plus all the lovely scenery! Sigh. If only...

    Good luck in the new job. Two months in to my new contract I'm still struggling with all the different admin arrangements!