Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Ice Wars - the first outing

Finally got round to posting the game held on Saturday last weekend. A few months back I posted a write up abnout my challenge to complete a snowy landscape. I even got as far as painting some excellent snow troopers and purchasing some suitable tracked vehicles.
When Matt mentioned to me that he had not only procured and painted up a series of buildings for an arctic landscape we put together a game with various bits cobbled together from various sources.
My first attempt at snowboards had failed so I returned to my original intention of using a cloth base. A quick trip to the local fabric shop saw purchases of 3 metres of white and 3 metres of black felt. (both are 1.5m wide). Obviously the white would be used for snowscapes and the black for interstellar warfare (another project another time). I have always found that the use of a single cloth is too light for battlefields wheres something double sided has much greater weight and works better.
Taking out my trusty sewing machine (yes I have one and know how to use it) I stitched the two cloths together. Job done.
You can just make out in the photos below the felt cloth. The undulations were created by placing some old hills I had manufactured under the cloth.
A word of warning about photographing minis on a white cloth. I found that turning the lights off in the shed and using the flash gave a much better image. Those that look great grey are with lights on.
As I said the game was cobbled together at the very last minute and after throwing on some extra cover, a few more minis etc we decided that a bolt action would be our preferred choice of rules. It also gave us the opportunity of bringing our good friend Paul up to speed.
Paul doesn't get to play games very often - he's always in Tokyo on business, however  we learned that he had just built a table in his garage ! Another convert to the dark side. 
I haven't bothered writing up an AAR for these games - they were too fast and quite frankly I as the defender got my backside kicked twice in succession. Thanks guys.
Life was going really well and then I discovered that my teenage daughter had locked me out the house - not realising I was in the shed.
And here come the photos - still a long way to go to bring everything up to scratch but we are getting there.

A good comparison between the above photo and below shot...

Its not as colourful as my other games....

Until next time


  1. I like the transformation. Sometimes simple is best!

  2. Interesting. You don't see many snowy games I find.

  3. Great looking table. Snow might not be the most popular, but it makes a spectacular view.