Saturday 19 April 2014

The Armoured Train part 2

Hi Folks

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Part 1 click here

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In the first part I really focussed on the central core of the gun carriage but the guns really looked a bit bland and it was recommended to me by somebody on the forums that I should build some covers.

I agreed. An the following shots illustrate the effect. I have also given the whole thing a coat of dark grey which does tend to tie all the bits and pieces together.

The turrets themselves are just constructed from plasticard with some bits of sprue to cover up the joins. Its been quite fun modelling this train just using my imagination and has given me the taste to do more in plastic scratchbuilds.

The turret slits allow full movement of the guns

I have bought an AA gun mount for the centre of the train but seem to have lost it...oh well when it turns up

I now have to decide on a camo pattern for the train but before I start this I think I will turn my attention to the loco and 'modify this'