Wednesday 11 December 2013

Shed Wars goes all Blue Peter...really cheap but very effective dice trays

On a number of occasions I have seen other gamers use dice trays and I thought that's cool I'll ask for one for Xmas. However when I looked at the prices I said what ! - £16 inc postage for some wood and felt - I reckon I could make one for half the price.

Hows about two for £6?

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First up I needed a wall that could surround the tray - I searched for wooden circles, discs etc but nothing worked. By chance I came across the term wooden washers and this directed me to a custom car site for music nuts. A moment of inspiration hit me - speaker housings.

A quick search on ebay revealed these two babies for a grand total of £6.97

ebay site for speaker housing

A few days later they turned up.

Today. Now Ive been going a bit stir crazy so I thought what the heck lets build these now. Fifteen minutes later the bases were cut from scrap 10mm mdf  (it was cold in the shed) and some off cuts of felt  were procured from a failed gaming mat.

MDF Base cut

Measuring inside felt - be sure to cut extra so excess sits inside housing

Glue felt (pva) to base

Screw down the speakers bases and jobs done  - total elapsed time 25minutes

Finished article - less than £3.50

And before anybody asks - yes  they do work - the dice don't jump out, always roll ones etc..

I might one day paint the bases...maybe I should make up some with Shed Wars branding?


and thanks for reading



  1. Very tidy... must admit I am guilty of dice frequently flying off the table as I roll them... may have to borrow idea :-)

  2. Ooh, that gives me an idea. Nice work!