Wednesday, 27 November 2013

The Hundred Years War: Henry V versus Joan of Arc

Monday night – games night!

Well a bit of a change this evening to the usual fare we decided to play 10mm Warmaster Medieval. We agreed on a 2000 points aside game featuring a ficticious battle between the chevauchee forces of Henry V versus the latter Hundred Years forces of Joan of Arc.
I created the army lists before Mark I arrived and we diced for the forces, this way I could not be accused of picking the best side. For those of you interested they were as follows

Joan of Arc – General
Nobles x3
Mounted Knights x4
Dismounted Knights x4
Scots X2
Retinue Foot X2
Genoese Crossbows X4 (inc Pavisses)
Handgunners X2 (inc Pavisses)
Cannons X3
Henry V (General)
Nobles X3
Mounted Knights X2
Dismounted Knights X2
Mounted Sergeants X4
Hobilars X2
Mounted Longbows X2
Longbows X8
Peasants X8

As can be seen above the English forces (being Chevauchee) have more mounted troops, significantly more missile troops but are distinctly lacking in infantry. Aside from the Knights and the Seargeants all the forces were unarmoured.


We rolled for terrain placement and then lay out our battles. We agreed that we would keep each contingent to a maximum of four units for ordering purposes (as per fantasy warmaster) as opposed to moving battles on mass.

Now apologies here but after the first five photos the camera packed up so rather than write up a pictorial AAR I can only show you a few photos of the early part of the game.


The English started (me) and rather fortuitously I got all my orders – in Warmaster to command a unit to do something outside of initiative you need to roll under the leaders command skill on 2d6 – this is mofified for terrain, subsequent orders etc). It does mean that sometimes forces you want to move never budge – and I was able top advance along the line towards the French and securing the woods in the centre and on my right flank.

 Mark unfortunately wasn’t able to move as many troops but he did manage to bring up his missile troops on my right flank and managed to score a few hits. Blood had been drawn and the battle commenced.


The French Horse and Men at Arms

The First Charge

It all went a bit wring for the English after this charge, the French Infantry advanced and began to throw their weight around. Some lousy dice and poor judgement calls put my English on the back foot for much of the game.

In the end the French whooped the pesky English - we'll refight this again - the French are much more formidable than the earlier hundred years list where they tend to get shot to bit bits by longbows.

Whilst the figures were out I took some piccies with the camera phone of what I believe is the best 10mm Medieval range out there - Kallistra


Mounted Hobilars - Kallistra

Mounted Knights - Kallistra

Handgunners - Kallistra

Mounted Seargeants - Kallistra

Longbows - Kallistra

Crossbows - Kallistra

Mounted Longbows - Source???

Men at Arms - Kallistra

Peasants - Kallistra

Nobles & General

Teutonic Spears

If you want to see some more pictures of 10mm Medieval on the blog head over here

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The proper camera is now fixed !



  1. Great looking armies, your longbows are really impressive, and a very nice battle too!

  2. Very nice. Mounted bowmen are mentioned in the roles for the 1415 campaign. The following link doesn´t mention wether they are Long or short or wether they used thier bows whilst mouinted as say Turcoploes would have but it definately mentions mounted bowmen.

  3. Great AAR and photos :-) showing why 10mm is one of the best scales to game in. Am I ok to post link to this AAR on my 10mm Blog?