Monday, 28 October 2013

The Hunted

This coming weekend I'll be attending BLAM, three days of gaming with like minded enthusiasts, in the heart of Surrey. Woking to be precise.

Over the three days there will a range of games on display and in time I'll post up reports of the event. However I have volunteered to run a game and I thought it be interesting to post up my plans.

The game in question is called the Hunted and is loosely based on the Predators movie - the one where a group of modern day soldiers are transported to the training fields of the Predator home world.

Starting with the board I purchased three sheets of hardboard (each approx. 2fty by 4ft) and after painting a suitable base colour I marked them up with a series of 10cm grids. The squares are grid referenced in letters and numbers thereby allowing the Hunters (the Predators) to indicate their movement secretly.

Each of these grid boxes will initially hold either ruins, jungle or impassable rocky terrain.


As the hunted soldiers progress their way through the board (they have to traverse the jungle) they recon each zone turning over a series of cards to denote what might lie in the zones ahead.

A total of over 150 cards have been made to facilitate this - a selection


Weapons Cannister

A nasty beast
Impassable Terrain
By drawing cards I can insure that each game is different. The Soldiers themselves each have a series of attributes ranging from Recon and Medic skills through to Combat skills. Stamina determines how much they can sustain from wounds.

Prior to embarking on their survival trip they are issued with equipment cards, these can either be shared freely and fairly or kept by the player who finds them. These range from guns, armour, melee weapons and other equipment. Further equipment can be found when the players encounter weapon cannisters. - a selection

To keep things on edge there is only a limited amount of ammo issued at the beginning of the game so players will need to find the cannisters if the have itchy fingers. To keep things simple there are three types of ammo - heavy, light and shotgun shells.

A Character can action two things in a round - eg move twice, recon and fire, move and give aid etc.
Of course they are going to have to watch out for these boys...

Of course what makes these guys particularly deadly is their speed (they get three actions), their chameleon powers, and their hi tech weaponry. They also get to use hidden movement until they get spotted !

Depending on the number of players (soldiers) their will be a finite number of predators.

Combat is very straightforward, if you can see your target, (not easy in the jungle) you can let rip with your automatic weapons (mindful of ammo counts) - hits deliver stamina damage unless armour is protecting the location. All of this is recorded on the characters reference sheet...

Can the players survive...

The first playtest is tonight so we will see how we get on...

Finally - the cribsheet of rules...



  1. That looks great! Love the concept; can't wait to hear how it plays.

  2. I also look forward to hearing how it plays. A very professional looking set up, much to admire.

  3. Amazing! That's almost a film set!

  4. looking forward to a report of how this plays

  5. Wow thats a bit bloody Brilliant! Looking forward to seeing AAR providing there not to classified!

  6. That' a more than impressive sight! The table looks great.

  7. looks fantastic, the type of game I would love to play

  8. Looks like its going to be a blast!

  9. Wow!! This looks really cool!

  10. BLAM ? Woking? Sheerwater school?
    that's minutes from me?

    Can you just drop in to drool?

    1. Hi Keith, I don't see why not? If you head over to Matakishi's tea house, BLAM is being held in the same place as his Tea Party.

  11. I saw on TMP your offer to send a PDF copy of the rules. Could you send a copy to aussiewargamer at gmail dot com please?

  12. I too, would like a copy of the pdf if possible. preds81 at Thanks!!!

  13. Hi eric,
    Is it possible to send me a copy of the pdf?
    birdbonb at aol dot comm

    Much appreciation.


  14. This looks amazing! I spend hours looking for rules like this. Would love to get a pdf copy. Please send it to dennis_lindenberger at if possible.

    All the Best