Thursday, 22 August 2013

Backdrops - Enhancing your battlefield

A few weeks back I was trawling through the clearance sales in my local modelzone and came across a cardboard tube. Inside rolled up were 3 metres of printed english country side. At a retail of £3 I decided a bargain was to be had...

I built a solid on board on which half of the run could be mounted (this allows me to move this round the battlefield) and I just wanted to take some pictures to share.

I'll now have to start looking for woods, jungle and mountains....

I hope you agree this adds a great deal to the potential of photos...

This shows the board 1.5m long and 30 cm high on the table - really pleased how the grass works !
Suitably cropped

A fortified priory
Cows in the field

I will of course be using these backdrops in some of my future AARs

Until next time


  1. Nice how did you make the backdrop? I have always kicked the around the idea of doing something similar...

  2. Neat.

    Looks perfect to me.
    Funny thing, on my latest game I played I thought about doing a backdropp for one of the short edges.

  3. That really looks the part and blend in nicely!

  4. The cows one looks great with the wall hiding the join it really adds to the illusion.

  5. I have thought of this as well, my wife is a painter...and I am begging here to paint some fields and sky on my fake wall in my game room. I basically put 4 sheets of siding on my inside garage door, wired it on. Maybe one day I will have a back drop. That is one Great looking back drop.


  6. Impressive, very impressive...the background is excellent!

  7. I saw those in the local Modelzone and was tempted. After seeing your setup I definitely going to buy one.

  8. Very well chosen, this backdrop! Just pay attention to the height of the horizon for pictures (eye height of people equal to horizon line); then, you have the perfect perspectivic effect. Your pictures sho already what we can expect of your next posts - they look very atmospheric!

  9. Great use of the backdrop - I use a backdrop round my table and it makes a difference to photos and gaming as it makes the scenery appear to have some depth.

    I think the one you have used is the Gaugemaster GM702 - Large Countryside Backscene - this range is a good size and well priced but you have to be careful with them as there are modern/railway bits in them so you have to select the useable part to be neutral.

    -- Allan

  10. What great use of an inspired impulse purchase. Brilliant how you get the terrain on the table to fit with it perfectly!

  11. It turns out really great. That is really a very creative idea. I simply love it. But how long did it take you to make it?