Sunday 23 June 2013

Tales of Shedwood - The City Guard

I have given the terrain building a little bit of a rest in the last couple of weeks and focussed on some of the figures that need painting. In one of my earlier posts I showed off the Green & White liveried fire forge mounted and dismounted men at arms.

I now have a few more to display.

First  in the Black & Yellow livery of the City of Nottingham we have 6 mounted sergeants, 12 spearmen and six crossbow armed troops. The leaders for these will come from the mounted crusaders from fireforge on order.

And finally we have a small squad of red liveried men at arms. The towers on their shields came from some old GW transfers.


Until next time...


  1. They look very good. There seems to be a growing interest in Robin Hood at the Moment..."rob the rich etc"?