Wednesday 22 May 2013

Tales from Shedwood Forest (part2)

Just a quick update on the Tales of Shedwood Forest

First up the first of my figures arrived this morning. A box of the Fireforge mounted sergeants and a box of men at arms. These will form the core of my Sheriff of Nottinghams garrison.

This will be first time I have worked with plastic figures in a number of years so fingers crossed that they will come out alright.

The foot soldiers (i believe there are 48 of them) will be split 2/3rds spears and 1/3 crossbows.

Next up is a small town statue that I think fits the part really well. I have used one of the tombs from the Ainsty Castings cemetery as a pedestal and the Stag came from Foundry. Given that these animals were property of the crown in the time of Robin Hood I think it works quite well.

Finally, I finished stripping down the fortified priory I built many tears ago. This was constructed out of hardboard and cork. Its now been given a new base coat of acrylic black (it was previously painted in enamel grey !), the ground has been retreated with sand and grit, and I have put new wooden decks ion the tower roofs and battlements. It still need to do the roofs but haven’t decided whether these will be tiled or planked.

Having blown my budget on various buildings, castles, and other paraphenalia in the past few months the rest of the figures are going to have to wait for the moment. I do however have my eyes on some of the ranges from Black Tree, Crusader, Fire Forge and a couple of others.

Thanks for the interest



  1. You're on your way with this project, and I am going with you.

  2. The Deus vult miniature will be fantastic! What are you using for the merry men?