Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Pirate Island Part 1

A couple of weeks ago the gauntlet was thrown down on the Lead Adventure Forum to construct a terrain feature title ‘water’....rather foolishly I have accepted this challenge and rather brazenly stated that I would build the coastline for my Pirate island. I have plenty of ideas of what needs to be constructed but the biggest issue is going to be one of time. It needs to be completed by the first week of January.

With work, Christmas and a holiday abroad starting on boxing day I need to complete this in the next four weeks !

With a fair wind and perhaps cutting some corners I might be able to just pull this off.

In summary I need to build along the shore (with of course associated water elements)

·         the cliff and the lighthouse
·         the harbour walls
·         the rocky promontory complete with pirate fort
·         the sandy shore & palm trees
·         the estuary (this will connect to my river)

OK  my first job is already  complete - the table is now covered in blue vinyl floor tiles so this will form the basis of the sea, my static grass ‘land’ boards sit on top of this allowing me to alter the coastline as I see fit, or I can just remove them all and play naval battles.

Blue Vinyl Sea

The Land meets the Sea

 If time permits I will also construct some features for the sea (eg waves, denizens of the deep, whirlpools etc). The picture of the board below illustrates the ground I need to cover. It’s about 3 metres in total.

Whilast I had the land up and running I thought I would buiild the hinterland of crags, mesas, jungles and waterfalls...please indulge me as I got carried away

Some rocky hills

So you can see above I need to make a marshy estuary....

The river and falls

jungle appears

river in the jungle

The good news is that I started at the weekend and the rocky outcrop for the Pirate fort is underway. This will be constructed from foamcard.
The trick to building this fort will make it dominant and functional as a playing piece whilst at the same time ensure that it is small enough to both store and enable other terrain to play their part in table top action.

The Fort

I decided that each of the features would be based on one of my standard 50cm x 50cm Mdf tiles.

A full blog page will be deveoted to the development of  each of these features as they come along.

The Ship for scale purpose

Close up View

Given that no coastline would be complete without a lighthouse heres one we rescued from my sons old toy pile.

The Lighthouse

The harbour wall

And of course a harbour is required...again the walls come from the toy cupboard.

All together now (great song by the Farm)

Given that we are talking about water it would be unfair not to include its denizens...of course these will be dressed with waves etc


As progress develops I will update the blog as frequently as I am able...


To follow this journey please click here:
Pirate Fort Construction


  1. Mate where do you get the time haha

    1. Hi Flags

      Everything bar the fort, ship and sea creatures has been built before. I typically spend an hour a day on the hobby and maybe half a day art the weekend. If I get lucky I get the odd extra day...it all come down to build it cheap, fast and planning...

      The FIW project took 6 months - its only 200+ figures, 6 buildings and a lot of trees. This time round its only 100 figures...(swallows hard thinking of terrain builds)



  2. Looking forward to seeing how the coastal project work goes.

    I'd love to have the space to have the same sorts of features on my gaming table, however I'm space limited; so I run two scales 1/1200 ships and coastal modules (work in progress) and 28mm for the main on land games with a token coastal section and ship model where appropriate

    -- Allan

  3. This is just looking ace. Really great looking table so far.