Wednesday 22 August 2012

French Indian Wars - The British Infantry

My French Indian war project is now moving forward at a rapid pace.

The project has three phases:

1.       Source and Paint Figures – sourcing complete and around 50% through painting)
2.       Source or scratchbuild log cabins and other suitable structures, plus fences etc – Grand Manner looks promising but I need to save the pennies
3.       Decide whether I need to build a new table with wooded cliffs, gullies, rivers and farmsteads or do I just slap it all down on the table –

Given that the figure painting is most laborious task I figured I would tackle this first

The intention is to paint around 200+ 28mm figures that represent the various protagonists.

These will include:

British Line Infantry (c 30 figures including officers)
French Line Infantry(c 30 figures including officers)
Rogers Rangers (I went a bit mad here and have ended up with 28 of these guys)
Canadian Militia & Trappers (12)
Native Indians (around 60 figures – these can be used for Huron, Mohawks etc)
Civilians, Militia & Provincials – 30 figures

All the figures have been sourced from Perry Miniatures, Galloping Major, and Redoubt

The following photos illustrate the Redcoats ....more to follow


  1. Very nice project. Please continue.

  2. Very nice. Have you though of scratch building the log cabins from twigs or dowling

  3. Very nice careful painting of your troops, Sir.

  4. Nice work!! Are you painting any regts in particular or are you keeping it fairly generic?