Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Empress Miniatures - Interwar Armoured Vehicles

Its not often that I am moved to sing the praises of any particular manufacturer but I really do have to take my hat off to Empress miniatures for some pieces I purchased a few weeks ago.

Before I kick off with the descriptions I should state that the customer service from Empress was excellent. Not only was it a straightforward purchsase the comms from these guys was great. Having ordered the products I checked back after a week on no-show and within 24 hours I was advised that due to high demand   there would be a delay but they would be posted shortly. Within 48 hours a small parcel arrived.
You can find these guys here..

The vehicles shown come from their Spanish Civil War Range
So what did I purchase:

 1 x Chevrolet six wheeled armoured car

Unpainted shots

3 Light T17 tanks with hexagonal turrets

28mm Pt. Godfrey for scale
The armoured car is a beast

The resin vehicles were fabulous, casting excellent (bar some flash on the inner turret rings) and fitted together simply and quickly. I am so please with these that I’ll be sourcing some more at Salute in a couple of weeks time.

A Pak37 AT gun and crew.

The gun itself is metal but in bits – My only gripe is that I really do wish a simple diagram could be included to show how this all fits together. The castings all look good and I am sure will look the business.

The crew for the Pak 37 make ideal BUF gunners – their uniforms are virtually identical to those purchased from Musketeer Miniatures. Again the castings are crisp with good poses.
Looking forward to painting this lot up in the coming weeks - sorry week as they will make an appearance next week.
Prices of all these are in line with other manufacturers.
Thank you Empress Miniatures - I shall return


  1. Nice stuff there and I cant wait to see it painted

  2. Look good to me and would certainly second the excellent customer service from Empress.

  3. I've never purchased directly from Empress, but I have had good service with their US outlet. I have several of their Zulu War range that I use for VSF, and my good friend Zach painted up the FlAK-36 8.8cm cannon for VCBW (He's going with a Spanish Fascist loaner force to the BUF).