Thursday, 10 April 2014

A trip to the castles of North Wales

Last year around this time I mentioned on my blog that I walked Hadrians Wall from Carlisle to Newcastle with my 12 year old son whilst my daughter and Mrs Shed had a girly trip to some shopping.
This year we are going away again but rather than walking some memorable historic pathway we are visiting the castles of North Wales. So on the Sunday after Salute we will be heading up the motorway from London to the principality. The first stop will be Conwy.

I have always wanted to visit this part of the UK but have never had the chance so I am very excited. Its funny we live in such a wonderful country and yet every year we always want to jet off to somewhere else. When I mentioned to Eric junior (no real names allowed here in case the internet trolls are watching!) what we were doing he said…’Dad I don’t want to just visit castles for five days’..I then revealed the full trip which certainly got him excited and then heading off to his ipad to see if he could buy a cheap action camera.
Recognising that probably one castle looks much the same as another to a thirteen year old boy I realised that we would have to throw in some other activities.

So here is the agenda…I am sure more will be added as we get there
Sunday – leave early morning and get to Conwy early afternoon – visit the castle

Monday – head off to Anglesey and visit Beaumaris – in the afternoon we are going on a powerboat ride up the menai straits

Tuesday – We scale Snowdon – apparently you can’t book a return trip down the mountain on the railway – I have a cunning plan I will buy two return tickets – this way we won’t have to walk down

Wednesday morning – Visit Carnarfon Castle followed by Zip World (check out the link) – basically you get to ride down mile long zipwires at over 100mph – sounds fun

Thursday – Start the journey home with a stop over in Chester


Loads of pictures to follow



  1. Sounds like a great way to spend time with your son. I'd also recommend visiting Harlech if you have the time. If you intend to visit those visits I'd join Cadw and pay at one of the castles; although entry into the castles is inexpensive you get half-price entry to English Heritage for the first year then free entry on renewal, which works out far cheaper that joining English Heritage.


  2. Speaking as a 41-year old, I'm bricking it at the thought of zipworld. Had I been 13, however, I'd be over the moon!

  3. I'd second the suggestion to visit Harlech - the three castles are different enough not to be boring. Caernarfon has the museum of the Royal Welch Fusilers included in the admission charge.

    But power-boating and ziplock? The lad should be happy enough!

    Have fun!

  4. Sounds like a great holiday there and I hope you and your family enjoy it

  5. Hi
    I think it looks amazing. I'm not sure I would have had the patience that you had though!

  6. in trelawnyd here ( on the way to conwy)
    Which castle did you like the most?