Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Salute 2014 - Here we come !

Salute Beckons ! This coming Saturday the Excel Centre in London hosts the UK’s (and possibly Europe’s largest Wargames Show).

Since the show has been going at Excel the venue has been shared with the registration of the London Marathon so you get that eclectic mix of bearded rucksack carrying wargamers and the healthy, lycra clad fitness fanatics. If there were two more diametrically opposed groups in the world please shout !

Not only does Salute offer the very best in the hobby is also provides an opportunity to catch up with old friends, meet new ones and avoid those people you’ve been selling your dodgy stuff to in the forums (only joking)

Armed with a few quid on recent sales on ebay I’ll be there hunting out the bargains. I will of course take my camera and take loads of pictures to post on the blog.

If by chance you see some strange figure wondering around in a Shed Wars T shirt that will be me – please feel free to say hello.

If you really do want to find me I’ll be helping out on the Victorian Science Fiction Game (Mars) around 1.30pm. That’s where all the folks from the LAF are meeting.
I also plan to drop by the VBCW demo game around noon
a really 'cr*p picture of the Salute venue from last year'

Wishing everybody a great show

Eric the Shed


  1. Some bloggers are having a meet up at Salute, come along if you wish??

  2. Hope to see you there then.

  3. Did you see that err was a sugar craft event opposite too? Three somewhat different events!