Saturday, 22 March 2014

Military In Miniature Show - Guildford

Having seen the recent messages on TMP for the Military in Miniature show in Guildford I took myself down the A3 for a quick visit. Whilst on route I picked up my old man who just happens to be into painting the bigger lead figures (54mm)

Probably the quickest show I have been really wasn't that big - a few stands, a couple of games, a couple of re-enactors and a coffee van parked outside.

I bought a some cheap resins walls (not that I need any more) and some paints - roll on Salute.

I also had the fortune to meet Legatus Hedlius ( - his blog is always a great read... we met and said hello and an invite to the shed was cordially given.

A few photos of the day...

There were more people there when I left !

The local reenactors

All credit to these guys for asking if I wanted to join in

These guys didn't - wasn't entirely sure of their role - they weren't selling anything - maybe they were life size models

There were a few games on display but I do wonder about the merit of slinging out a few trees and lead pieces on a green table top. If these events are there to drive interest in the hobby there really does need to be a concerted effort by organisers to put on the very best displays.

A simple game of bolt action

Lots of tanks so its flames of war

Really big robot - you guessed it GW 40K

I have left the best til last - seriously. These are really nice models look a bit like the creatures from that Jim Henson movie - its not labyrinth but I can't place the name.

The model tree was stunning

Check out their details here

It is a seriously good range of figures - just not my cup of tea

Until next time...


  1. Looks like a fun little show. If you haven't tried X Wing you should give it a shot. The rules are elegant, and it's Star Wars!

  2. I think the film you were referring to was Willow, your right by the way that is a really cool range of figures.

  3. I think you mean the Dark Crystal. It is the movie they are most compared with.

  4. It was very good to meet you too! I will definitely take you up on your offer to visit the shed. For a wargamer I do hardly any wargaming!

  5. Thanks for visiting the show, and the review! I'm the chairman of the Guildford Games Club (not to be confused with the Guildford Wargames Club!)

    As it was our first show co-running with the BMSS, a lot of our time was spent sorting the logistics rather than promotion, so this year was very much a case of working out a foundation to build upon.

    I agree that the display of Flames of War/Bolt action/Dystopian wars was a bit lacklustre, this was produced last minute to cover the space left by the Guildford Wargames Club withdrawing their demo table (a fact alluded too by Legatus). We're already planning our own display boards!

    I hope you will visit us again next year!

    Keep up the good work with the blog,


  6. Hi Eddie

    Thanks for posting here on the blog - having seen that you were expecting others to pitch in I was perhaps too harsh.

    If you plan to go ahead next year drop me a line in advance if the mood takes me I might be happy to put on a demo game - I only live just up the A3.


    1. Not harsh at all old bean, totally fair! And a great drive to get it better for next time :-) If you ever fancy a game we meet at the centre every monday night, 7:30 till 11. At the moment historical wise we've got Bolt action and Flames of war players, but we're always open to trying something new if you wanted to show off some of your other toys!

      All the best,


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