Saturday 5 April 2014

The Manor is Born

There hasn't been much terrain building in the shed over the last couple of weeks - domestic chores !

So some thought was given to the next project. Later this year I will be running a VBCW game at BLAM and the theme for this will be The Eagle has Landed. Central to the game will be two locations, the archetypal English Village (mostly sorted) and the Manor House.

I needed to build something that was suitably imposing, practical and straightforward.

So I started.

The building is around 20cm wide, 30cm long and 3 storeys high. Each floor (starting from the ground) is lower than the previous.

I decided that I wasn't going to be bothered with floors, staircases rooms etc but I would pout a shelf on the inside of the building so troops could man the windows. The roof can obviously be removed.

Basic building material is foamcore. The hardest job was cutting out all the windows.

The first couple of pictures show the basic construct.

The roof again built from fam core has a 3cm parapet and is adorned with a brick clad chimney breast - the pots will be added later.

OK - nobody makes really cheap 28mm windows so I am going to have to make them myself - yawn. The panes as you can see in the picture below are from 5mm metal mesh. Ill build around these the proper frames from matchsticks.

The building itself will sit on a taller base (this way I can add both the main entrance steps and the patio to the rear) A further base will denote the drive way, ornamental garden (maybe a maze)

More to come soon

Part 2 is here


  1. Now that's a splendid structure!

  2. Looking good.

    I like the "shelves" on the inside instead of full stackable interior, I think it's a better solution for it!

  3. Looks great, love the roof...

  4. You did all this in a week? Impressed!

  5. That is very nice indeed and I cannot wait to see it painted up

  6. The chaps at Warbases sell some basic MDF windows and doors although I don't know whether they would fit the existing holes in your manor.

  7. Impressive building, I like the shelve idea for figures.

  8. Cracking stuff. Great idea regards the interior shelves!

  9. I must say, ti quite looks the part. Not quite Downton, but then, what is?

  10. Nice work so far... I know what you mean about cheap 28mm windows...

  11. Looking really nice! These days I am mostly going for the laser cut stuff on the market, but I can remember the satisfaction from a well build foam core DIY project!

  12. Excellent work. I'm a fan of foam-core for buildings at the moment. I do windows by chopping a hone in the foam-core and putting a sheet of mounting board behind and painting in the window.