Wednesday, 2 October 2019

When Two Tribes go to War

So after six months of hard graft both Mark and I were able to present our two Ancient British tribes to the battlefield. Of course we had to put out everything on the table and, in total around 1500 warriors entered the field.

Mark has painted significantly more cavalry and chariots (he has over 27 of these painted up in 28mm) so to balance up the sides a few of his chaps joined mine. Not that it made much difference....more on that in a minute.

Fortunately when we started this project we agreed a standardized approach to our basing, unit size, and even the colour of the static grass we were going to use. The end result two very serviceable armies painted to wargamer's standards and easily interchangeable.

Did I mention that we are both putting together Roman legions? Once we get into Summer next year the plan is to put out a 50 foot table in the garden and fight a really big battle.

Anyway back to the game in hand. We used Hail Caesar as this delivers the fast, frenetic and friendly game. It also helps that most of the players in the shed are familiar with the rules. Monday night saw us joined by Glen and Alastair.

I was delighted that Glen was on my side as it was his Norman cavalry that overran my Saxon wing at Hastings with some phenomenal dice rolling.

More on my Celtic Army can be found here

Onto the battle....

In the picture below you can see Mark setting out his troops, aside from a few trees the field was devoid of terrain.

Both Armies now face off against each other. It did look rather intimidating.

The two forces stared themselves out and then unleashed war.....

The centres slowly advance...

Large numbers of chariots and cavalry....

Alastair's cavalry launch the first charge and crash into my warbands

Infantry assaults on the far wing

More troops pour forward

Here come the all action shots....

A furious cavalry engagement - these chariots are very tough

Across the field battles are raging...

Its very chaotic and great fun.

By now my right wing has been decimated, and things are not looking too hot for my tribe

The cavalry battles rage on....

More warbands enter the fray...

The opposition survey the damage they are doing to my poor tribe..

More action shots...

The centre's finally meet....

With one massive crunch...

The picture below shows the emptiness of this flank  - some 10 units were destroyed here

The final slog...

So three hours of mayhem delivered a success for Mark's tribe (he had more chariots I moaned)

It was a great learning curve for future games and the nuances of getting warbands, chariots, skirmishers and cavalry to work together will need to be tested, before these chaps meet the Romans.

Talking of Romans I'll be sharing my latest progress in the next blog post.


Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Imperial Roman Army assembles (part 1)

Afternoon All

Following the arrival of the Ancient British army its about time to start on their conquerors...I am of course talking about the Imperial Roman Army.

This force will consist of one legion with 10 cohorts (each cohort comprising 20 figures on 5cm x 5cm bases), their associated scorpions, and of course the auxiliaries (infantry, archers and cavalry). By the time I am finished I am to have around 24 units in play.

Of course I have to start with the core of the army the heavy infantry. These are all plastic warlord drawn from boses of their standard infantry and veteran. I have sourced these over the last six months on ebay paying around 50p per figure. I know folks are raving about the Victrix models but I just cannot justify the cost.

So this weekend I assembled the lot - about 280 figures including command stands.

These have all been glued using pva to 2p coins and washers to aid painting and priming. Once complete they get moved off their temporary base onto the mdf movement bases. The figures have all been primed gray.

Once primed the figures were sorted in cohorts - I am going for a regimented look for each unit

I should add that the shield were not glued to the vfinal figure. These are being done separately and glued in place at the end. The shields were painted on the sprue (front and reverse. I then used the shield transfers to bring these to life

All the shields are now finished !!

So I better go and slap some paint on their owners....

More soon

Monday, 2 September 2019

Ancient British Army Complete

Hi Folks

Its been over a month since I have last posted and I think it is safe to say that this blog has very much taken a back seat in my life at the moment. However, it is not going to disappear and I have so many plans and things I want to tell you all about, it’s just real life getting in the way of things.

I should add that there have been plenty of games going on in the last few months (mainly board games) but we have been pushing the plastic around the big table on a few occasions. Its just difficult to put the time together to put out a meaningful report.

Saying that I have been cracking on with my Ancient British Project, started back at Easter I mentioned I was going to build an Ancient British Army to defend the shores of Britannia from the might of imperial Rome. Well guess what….I have finished the army !! - The first post on this project was here. Unlike previous builds there are no other posts...sorry

Yup that is correct the last five months has seen a steady slog at the paint table and I can now field a sizeable army with Boudica in charge.

With the Hail Caesar rules in mind my total force consists of 18 warbands (infantry), 5 cavalry units, 8 skirmish units (archers & slingers) and four chariot units. There is of course a good number of commanders and generals. The total force consists of about 750 figures.

Total Force Packed Away

These have all been principally sourced from Victrix and Warlord Games. All the units (bar command / chariot stands) are based on 50x50mm bases from warbases. The frontage of all units is going to be 25cm (with a warband comprising of 10 stands). The Chariots are based on 8cm x 10cm bases with three chariots to a unit (frontage 24cm).

The good news is that this project was not done in isolation, my good friend Mark has also been building a Celtic army and he too is almost finished. By the time he is completed we will be able to field almost 1400 figures on the table. His force is much more cavalry/chariot heavy so it will be fun to see how these two tribes match up whilst the Roman Army begins its preparations.

As soon as Mark is finished we will be starting the wars of the British Tribes –

Roman Army Assembles

More soon (hopefully)

Wednesday, 17 July 2019

The Rout in July- English Civil War Action

Having spent very little time in the Shed over the last few weeks I was delighted to host a Pike & Shotte game earlier this week. This was going to be a very straight forward encounter battle between the Royalists and the Parliamentarians. Each army was generated randomly using my unit cards (see here for more information) with limits being placed. 

There had to be six battalias on the table for each side with a minimum of three units per battalia and a max of five. By the times the cards (a max of 25 units per side) were shuffled out both sides ended up with two cavalry battalia and four infantry battalia. 

What followed was perhaps one of the quickest and most brutal games seen in the shed. Within two hours the Roundheads had smashed the Royalist cause out on the left flank and centre. Colin (a first timer to this period) was enjoying his beginners luck as he was consistently rolling 5’s and 6’s and winning every melee and firefight. 

Poor old Alastair and Mark were literally torn apart. Their only marginal victory coming from a cavalry assault on the Parliamentarian right wing.

Unlike previous games we had fewer troops on the table allowing for more maneuver and with four out of five players confident in the rules it ticked along very quickly. A few photos of the game for your enjoyment.

More soon (i hope)