Sunday, 13 April 2014

Shed Wars in North Wales

as mentioned last week my son and I are off to north Wales for a few days this week.

with a drive of over 270 miles in front of us we set off at 7.00am on Sunday morning. Three and a half hours alter we were crossing the border. what a journey !

nice and easy plus a fry up for breakfast just outside birmingham

first stop Conwy on the North Coast. This is a walled Medieval walled town complete with massive castle on a rocky outcrop overlooking the bay.

we walked around and on the town walls in 20 minutes. the town is very pretty and full of small gift shops, eateries and pubs. shedson particularly liked the sword shop ,however buying him a replica 13th century broadsword would probably not go down too well with Mrs Shed so I didn't.

post a fish and ship lunch we climbed the rock into the castle. for £36 quid I bought annual membership to all the welsh sites plus English Heritage sites. good deal!

the castle although run down is a great visit and once up on the ramparts you can see why Edward built here.

just below the castle were a few reenactors with some birds of prey. the owls were stunning!

We are really struggling to load photos ....So I am signing off now and heading out for dinner. more tomorrow.

Eric the Shed at the Knight Store

Conwy castle commanding the bay

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Salute 2014 - pictures

Salute 2014 - Ill let the pictures do the talking

Great day heres to 2015...


Mrs Shed was really keen to follow me...