Thursday, 8 October 2015

Countdown to BLAM 2015

Tomorrow see the highlight in my gaming year - BLAM !

A group of some 30 Lead Adventurers for the Lead Adventure Forum will converge on my local pub for three days of games, beer and more games. This year promises to be one of the best with games covering Cavemen to Cluedo (Pulp Style)

On Sunday the function room is being turned into the Caribbean for a massive Pirate Game - I think about 20 ships and crew will be evident. Playing across desert islands and tropical ports. Cant wait.

For my sins I am running a Pulp Alley game set in the 1930's docks. This is of course part of my Scales of Anubis campaign. Full write up of episode five the Balance of Souls next week.

Over the weekend I'll post up photos from the game and no doubt feller Lafers will be crearting threads on the forums. In the meantime if you missed the pictures from previous years you can find them here 

until next time

Monday, 5 October 2015

The Crusader Army part 2

Back in July I started painting the Crusader Army to match up against my Saracens..over the last couple of weeks I have made some progress.

Original post starts here

Virtually all of my Fireforge Infantry are now painted.

The following pictures show up two boxes worth (96 figures)

All the units are built in multiples of six or eight thereby serving both Lion Rampant and Saga.

This lot will be added to the units already painted for my Robin Hood Games giving me around 200 foot.

Some boys in green...

Some classic Crusader foot soldiers

Some boys in blue and white

Crossbowman unit to go with the unit above

another xbow unit

and another 0- this time no livery -

and finally a unit of Templar soldiers

almost finished..three resting camels

Now need to start on the cavalry

Until next time

Friday, 2 October 2015

Finishing touches to my Pirate Ships

With one week to go for BLAM (the Lead Adventure British 3 day wargames get together) I thought I had better get my skates on to finish off the various pieces we will need.

I am delighted to report that the Port is now finished - pictures of this will be shown at a later point in time. This will form the backdrop for the penultimate part of the Scales of Anubis campaign.

However on the Sunday we are setting the room up for a massive Pirate Game - islands, ports, ships etc

This meant I had to rapidly finish off the ships that had been languishing in the shed..

Principally I needed to add Sails and some rigging...

The Sail Cloth came from a cream coloured table cloth I bought in Wilko a few years back for just this purpose. I merely sewed this onto the spars using needle and thread. Not perfect but it does do the job.

The Sails on the Ainsty Man O War came from a plastic toy - and repainted. Just cant find any more of them ;-(

The ratlines that you can see come from plastic gutter guard - a black mesh like material found in a pound shop. This is made from vinyl so superglue wouldn't work. In the end I sewed the on the top spars and jammed the bases into green stuff (still has to be painted)

I think they look OK and will serve the purpose well..

Ainsty Man O War

Ainsty Merchant Man
Ainsty Brig - Sails need to be stiffened with white glue.

Until next time

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Frostgrave - Shed Wars jumping on the bandwagon

As I am sure so many of you are aware Frostgrave has been getting a great deal of press I decided to jump on the bandwagon.

Northstar Games have offered a perfect entry point with one of their Nickstarter Campaigns

I have decided to jump straight in with the level 5 package (yes I know it costs £203) as it gives so many goodies  -

Level Five Lich Lord £203:

This includes

A copy of the Thaw of the Lich Lord supplement plus the 3 Lich Lord treasure tokens

A copy of the core rulebook

A copy of the Tales of the Frozen City

A Spell card deck

a box of plastic Frostgrave Cultists

a box of plastic Frostgrave Soldiers

and one pack of each of the metal figure releases:
Lich Wizard and Apprentice
Bard & Mule
Crow Master & Javelineer
Ghoul King
Wraith Knights
Armoured Skeletons
bonus Gnoll Chieftain!

the ten Wizard packs,
the four Specialist Soldier packs
the six Bestiary packs

Plus, the Armour Rack,
the Lectern,
the six  Treasure tokens.

As a special addition, level five Lich Lords receive the Lich Lord figure free!

On top of that if the Nickstarter hits certain pledge levels other goodies are available...

Looks like Frostgrave is next years project - just need to think about the terrain !!

Until next time

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Blood Rage

Back in March of this year whilst I was backing the Conan boardgame on Kickstarter my attention was brought to this other game - Blood Rage -

A game of Vikings, monsters, Gods and Ragnarok. For the princely sum of $75 (about £50) I decided to back this.

Yesterday a big box arrived containing all of this...

Rather than list all the contents this is what the final pledge manager delivered. I decided not to add the 5th player expansion.

So I thought a few pictures of the minis would be welcome...

These two come from the Wild Boar Clan

These are two of the gods - good idea to use a different colour

Plus some of the beasties...this is Fenrir - not only is he huge he is beautiful

This is my favourite the Hill Giant - standing very tall.

To give a sense of scale here he is standing next to a standard fireforge 28mm mini...

The game will get played sometime this winter as the shed becomes too cold. Some of these minis might also get roped into other games

Until next time

Friday, 25 September 2015

The Others - Kickstarter

Hi Folks
Quick heads up on a Kickstarter just discovered - it runs out in 10 days - its called the Others
Loads of minis that look perfect for horror and pulp games - the monsters look great !
For $100 (given exchange rate) - and all the stretch goals still to come it looks like a good deal 
more here

Building the docks part 7 - The Refinery

In my last post on the building of the docks I showed up the various components and how all these pieces were coming together. I was able to finish off the refinery this week so a few pictures...

The pieces are all loose so various permutations can be created. Aside from the grey resin building (boght from Tablescape) the rest are just old bits of piping and tin money box cans.

The tops of the cans have been covered in glue and sand then painted black to give an asphalt top.

The BP logo is from the 1930's and seems to work quite well on the green sprayed cans. The figures are all from the Pulp Figures range.

Until next time...