Sunday, 30 August 2015

Building the Docks part 5 - coming together

Can you believe that the last time I posted anything against this build was back in early July when I showed off the factory buildings.

Well I have been fortunate enough to lock myself away for the last 12 hours and have now broken the back of this build.

The start of this build is here

or alternatively you can go to the last post #4 here

Lets start with the factory from Sarissa, I decided to tackle the roof first. This was sprayed black and then dry brushed up brown to rive a dirty effect.

I then cut up an opaque plastic folder to create the paned glass roof - this was then ink washed

The red paint job disappeared quite quickly and the final building ended up grey...with green windows

The roof lifts off to reveal a big interior - empty at the moment

The two big warehouse also got the paint treatment...

As did the factory office...

And the factory power station...

The wooden warehouse also got its first coat of paint...this will have a corrugated iron roof

So its all starting to come together....

Now need to start working on the extra bits - eg a crane (from an old hornby set)

More to come very soon....

Thursday, 27 August 2015

28mm Flying Saucer/ UFO Part 1

With almost four weeks off the hobby thought I would get back into the swing of things with a new build...

Having built my Dalek Army I realised that to truly bring their presence to life on my table would be the creation of a Spaceship - specifically a flying saucer. No doubt this can feature in other games.

This simple project will illustrate how some simple materials can create some wonderful out of world wonders.

So lets start on the materials for part 1...

First up the hull of the craft will be built using 14" plastic hub caps  - I bought a pack of four of these on ebay for £15 (inc postage)

The second acquisition for the dome on the top was this disc from a poundstore - described as a lolly pop stand. It just happened to be the perfect size.

The third part was a £1 garden light from again the same pound store. The top is just perfect for the top part of the saucer.

Finally  - a lot of bamboo BBQ skewers.

In this build I have turned one of the hub caps upside down and stuck cut skewers over the open vents on the hub cap. Once glued (using super glue) they give a great impression of coils running around the inside of the craft. This job took around thirty minutes to do one piece. Both top an bottom of the craft were given the same treatment.


With the top and bottom complete I needed to join these together to complete the hull..the clips that fix the caps to the car wheel and the underside of the vents match up when the hulls are joined.

To get the two hub caps matched up and joined together I cut some long strips of foam core and glued these inside one of the hub cap rims - once dry I was able to place the top half onto these 'walls' and glue in place.

On the top I glued the lolly pop stand followed by the chrome affect top of the light fitting. This will be topped off with another disc when I find some thing the right size.

Part 2 coming soon...

Friday, 21 August 2015

Back from the States...

Good Day Folks
Cannot believe that I have not posted on the blog for almost three weeks, since its inception this has been the longest time I have been offline. It has also probably been the longest time that I haven’t rolled a die, lifted a paint brush or even thought about the hobby. It has also been a well-deserved break from work and other real life issues.

For the last three weeks we have been travelling in the States – a long weekend in New York followed by a hot sabbatical in Florida. It was great fun, and we saw so much.

This blog post will just try to encapsulate some of the highlights of the trip.

Perhaps the most memorable and certainly the most emotional was the trip to the 9/11 memorial in New York. That day a few years back will always be etched in my memory. The trip to the memorial brought all these thoughts and emotions flooding back. The museum was a great testament to the heroes of the day the NYPD and the Fire Department and serves the victims of the terror attack in both a sensitive and thought provoking fashion. Both my children were very small at the time but the museum and memorial brought both teenagers to a near tearful state as they were brought back to that horror that unfolded on that awful morning.

Central New York is a fabulous city, its bright, loud, and delivers a sustained assault on all the senses. From the vistas at the top of the Empire State building through to the waterside views of the Statue of Liberty this is one place that will always stay alive in my memories. O
ther highlights included our visit to one of the wharfside piers where we caught up with the second world  war carrier the USS Intrepid – the ship is vast ! 
Situated on one end of the deck under a permanent display we confronted our first space shuttle of the trip – the Enterprise. I hadn’t realised that NASA only commissioned six of these  and of these only five ever made it into space. The New York version is the test one they used for test landings and training.

From New York we headed south to Florida – we had promised the kids that one day we would take them to the parks. The first four days were dedicated to Seaworld and Universal. These were all good fun and despite the inclement seasonal stormy weather a good time was had by all.

From Orlando we picked up a hire car and headed west for some sun and sand in the resort of Clearwater. The only highlight I can report on this part of the trip was discovering that there was a Michael’s in one of the many shopping malls nearby.

For some years I have read all about Michael’s on various US based blogs – this a chain of craft stores. The particular one I visited was vast – think Tesco just filled with stuff for craftmaking. God only knows how they can make any money but if you wanted picture frames, dry flowers or beads you would not be disappointed. From a hobby perspective there were loads of bits that could be useful. Sadly I was lacking inspiration at the time and left empty handed. However I did pop into the pet store next door and found the ‘find’ of the holiday – a massive resin aquatic greek temple – this was so big I had to bring it back as hand luggage and at $40 (£25) was a bargain worth having.

The temple is about 12 inches wide - 18 inches long and 15inches tall - the grey figure shown in a couple of the shots is 28mm


The temple itself needs some work (namely a repaint and a new base) but it will form a fantastic backdrop to a Jason and the Argonauts game I am planning with Legatus for 2016. More on this in a future post.

A Gator at Lake Kissimme - this is small at around 5ft - they can be as big as fifteen

Six days later we left Clearwater and headed back to Orlando for the final five days of our vacation. Yet more parks and rollercoasters this time in the Disney venues but in addition we went out on a swamp boat tour on lake Kissimee (great fun) and visited Cape Kennedy. This is a must for any space nut.

The highlights being the Atlantis shuttle, the Rocket Garden and the enormous Saturn Rocket used for the moon landings...


The Atlantis looks much more beaten up than the Enterprise

The Rocket Garden

one end of the Moon Rocket

   All in all a fantastic (albeit very expensive trip) - thank you America for welcoming us...

Back to the real world now...

Part 3 of the Scales of Anubis kicks off Monday !!


Thursday, 30 July 2015

Terrain Directory Updated and off on my Summer Holidays

Hi Folks

Just a short post today as I am finishing off work and heading off on the annual summer holidays...

For some ghastly reason the Shed Kids have decided that we needed to go to Orlando !

With a short trip to New York it will be Theme Parks and Thunderstorms this summer - oh well I am sure I'll find some bits and bobs stateside for the table.

Just before I go I wanted to let you know that I have now updated the Shed Wars Terrain Directory - the page link can be found on the top of the blog - just below the Shed Wars banner.  I have to say that even I was quite staggered to see what has been added since I started this blog journey

Happy Holidays to everyone  - more posts at the end of August - unless I get bored

Until next time

Eric the Shed

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

The Scales of Anubis - Vessel of the Heart

So here is part 2 of the Scales of Anubis campaign

part 1 can be found here...

cue the music...

Suitable Pulp Music


Stop Press: 28th March 1936

British Military Intelligence has intercepted a communique between the personal office of Himmler and the Kriegsmarine - the coded message reads that the German Registered steamer Vancouver was to be crewed by Naval personnel and to sail to Acajutla on the West Coast of El Salvador , Central America. The Passenger manifest would include Hauptmann Gruntz (the man responsible for seizing the fulcrum in Egypt).

Local agents in the town report of a sizeable German Archaelogical build up.

Rumours abound that the Germans have been excavating around the pre-columbian Maya complex at Tazumel. 

British Military Intelligence has shared this information with the CIA who are known to have a team in the area. This team lead by the Famous Adventurer Oregon Tom are collaborative with local Rebels

Forces loyal to the President in the Area Are Known to be Sympathisers to the NAZI cause.

As has been said before I am trying to root this campaign in history to give it the right sort of flavour. It is not unreasonable to assume following the adventures in Egypt in January the events can shift to Central America two months later. From now on I'll add the sources...


The Vancouver was a Nazi registered boat sunk off the coast of El Savadore in April 1936

Tazumel was a pre Columbian Maya complex excavated properly in the 1940's

Both Tazumel and Acajutla are on the western side of El Savadore

El Savadores's president  - Martinez was drawn to the fascist ideologies of Germany and Italy but in 1940 committed his country to supporting the allied cause

So Ahnerbe have captured the first piece of the scales and are close to finding the second in the steamy jungle ruins of Tazumel.

The Stepped Pyramid of Tazumal

Tazumel is situated on the banks of the Rio Paz. This forms the border of El Salvador and Guatemala and the river runs 120km towards the Pacific Ocean.

On the outskirts of Tazumel and by the river is the small trading post of San Cristobal (Ficticious) which was founded by the Jesuits in the 18th century. The settlement is dominated by the crumbling catholic chapel carrying the same name. A local tavern/trading post along with a few other dwellings constitutes this small village. The ruins of Tazumel lie to the south of the settlement.

The Village of San Cristobal

Clues for the location of the dish are scattered across the perilous region.

These are chiefly the following

1.       The written memoirs of the old priest Father Jesu Mendez in the chapel

2.       Gossip and rumours that can be found in the Trading Post run by Alfredo Garvas

3.       The Archaelogical digs situated on the outskirts of Tazumel (There are two of them)

4.       The heiroglyphs located on the temple of the sun

With five plot points to secure the party holding three plot points will reveal the location of the dish 
The game is being played with three factions (with so many factions being used last time its nice to be reducing the number - once again the Nazis outnumber the other two factions)
The Order of the Black Sun

1.       Hauptmann Gruntz has been rewarded with a bulletproof jacket (automatically counts as in cover)for securing the Fulcrum in Part 1
2.       He starts with start with  a new sidekick Herr Piece, a new Ally Kapitan Drei & six followers – see point 3
3.       He starts on the board in the ruins at the Nazi Excavation site.
4.       One of his followers is a sniper (Eagle Eyed) who is hidden at the top of the temple of the Sun.
5.       He must exit either via the west road – transport has been procured from the local Taverna owner Alfredo Garvas
The White Cross
1.       He starts with four followers plus a sidekick and an ally
2.       The Priest – Father Jesu will automatically give you his plot point should you come into contact with him at the Chapel of San Christobal.
3.       You must exit the board at the jetty by the river.

Father Jesu
The Chicago Institute of Antiquities
1.       They start with only two followers
2.       Your Ally Pedro Gonzalves is a native of the area and as such will add +1 to any die roll when encountering any perils in the jungle area – he must be within 6 inches of the character taking the peril
3.       The owner of the trading post Alfredo Garvas is Pedro Gonzales cousin. Provided you can reach Alfredo first he will not only give you the plot point but he will also release his henchmen to become your followers (x3).
4.       Alfredo’s henchmen will protect the plot point from the Nazi’s but will NOT stand in the way of White Cross
5.       You may either exit the board in the truck parked behind the Taverna/Trading post or at the jetty

The Boat awaits at the Jetty
Notes on terrain
- All the solid jungle areas block lie of sight, they maybe traversed but count as perils
- All the ruin areas maybe potentially perilous - roll a d6 - 1-3 contain perils
- The River and dock area is perilous - heavy rains have caused the areas to become treacherous
- The vehicles on the board maybe started and driven using two successful finesse rolls
- The Vehicles will only travel at the speed of a man in the jungle - each turn roll d6 - 1 vehicle becomes permanently bogged - 2-3 hazard - peril - Roads do not deliver perils but cars may still bog
- Vehicles afford cover to all those driving/sitting in them

San Cristobal & the ruins of Tazumel

in glorious 1930's sepia
 The Action Report
 The game albeit easier with three players was still frenetic and had a number of thrills, spills and a few kills. Apologies but photos are in rather short supply...forgot to take many...
Early on the Nazis pushed to capture the plot points in the jungle and Herr Gruntz and his band overcame the perils in each zone meanwhilst the White Cross had picked up the notes from Father Jesu.
The White Cross and the CIA soon met in the tavern, and whilst the White Cross could not persuade the owner to hand over his rumours (plot point) the ally of the CIA had no issue (he was afterall Afredo's cousin. Fisticuffs broke out in the upstairs of the tavern and before men started dying the White Cross leaped from the windows into the alley below. One henchmen almost became a cropper but safely landed in a case of tomatoes !

As the White Cross traversed the street to head into the jungle one of the men casually sauntered past the tethered donkey...don't these players learn the rear end of animals on the board are almost certainly going to be a peril ! Fortunately for him he dodged the flying hooves.
By now each of our leagues were in possession of one plot point and the action was converging on the centre of the table. As the Americans and Italians broke cover the German Sniper on top of the pyramid opened fire. As he did a peril was played on him. He failed to overcome this ...perhaps his gun exploded in his face we will never know as his unconscious body rolled down the archaic steps.

The Germans quickly overcame their second ploy point in the archaeological dig - narrowly escaping the swarming bees that had already killed off the American sidekick Doctor Missouri.
The third plot point was almost theirs  - as the forces converged into the centre of the table a furious gun battle erupted. It was apparent that the Nazis were the primary targets and their followers began to diminsh in number. Herr Gruntz's sidekick - Herr Piece and Kapitan Drei soon followed their colleagues into hell (Kapitan Vier will be in the next game !)
The Italians of the White Cross now ha the three plot points and the entrance to the tomb where the Vessel lay was revealed (an aquarium statue). They bundled in only to be knocked out by the trapps lying inside (perils). The American seizing the initiative folled suit and Oregon Tom (leader of the CIA faction) soon had the vessel in his hands only to be gunned down by the pursuing Italians.
Again another fire fight broke out - time was running out and I declared that the holder of the vessel in the final rounds would win the game...
Guess what - Herr Gruntz of the Order of the Sun came up trumps again. Clasping the vessel he ran from the board....

Closing thoughts....

With the Vessel of the heart now in the hands of the Nazis, the US Government attempted to stop the only known ship leaving El Salvadore the following morning.  The German registered Vancouver.

The USS Porpoise (SS 172) was on training maneuvers off the coast and was ordered to sink the Vancouver. Its first torpedo struck the steering rudder of the Vancouver but before it could launch another strike the Sub suffered some critical failures forcing it to call off the attack. The Vancouver ran aground on the coast two days later.

However the artefact was no longer in the country - two days after the fracas in Tazumal Herr Gruntz headed over the border into Guatemala and picked up a flight to Mexico. Two pieces of the Anubis puzzle are now in the hands of the Germans.... 


The Vancouver was registered to the German flag and ran aground off El Salvadore in April 1936

The USS Porpoise - was commissioned in June 1935 and passed through the panama canal in September 1936 ( I have just brought the timing forward) given its operating theatre was in the Pacific it seemed reasonable to place this boat here on training maneuvers

So where to next....

Well I am off on holiday now for the next three weeks so the blog will be quite quiet...however our next adventure will take place in September as our intrepid leagues head to the English Countryside...

I'll be working on the backstory whilst I am away but I can reveal that the next gripping instalment will be called...

Until next time....