Tuesday, 22 July 2014

There is a Leopard in my Shed

As I have probably already mentioned I have a few weeks off between jobs so plenty of work has been going on in the garden but for the last two days I have been refurbishing the shed.

However I should tell you a small story.

Last Thursday whilst driving to the supermarket I was listening to the breakfast show on Absolute Radio and the DJ, Christian O'Connell was looking for a few props for his gig at the Edinburgh festival - one of these requirements was for a stuffed animal.

Just by chance my mother had asked me to empty her loft and in said loft was a stuffed Leopard ready to go to the tip...I hadn't seen it for 35 years ! God only knows what state it would be in...

Why might my folks have such a creature in their attic is a good question. Well my old man used to do a lot of panto and somewhere along the line he had acquired the beast as a prop.

I called the station and to my surprise got right through...

As you can expect the DJ was somewhat surprised to hear the tale and suffice to say they want the Leopard.

Tomorrow morning my kids and I are heading up into London with Lofty the Leopard. We'll go to town in my car with the roof down - after-all the weather is good and he does pong a bit !

I understand that we will be on the radio fore the big handover around 08.30 am if anybody wants to listen...

of course I will be wearing my Shed Wars t shirt !

As you can see my cats are fascinated by their very still big cousin

Lofty the Leopard getting in the way of construction work..

Hope everybody is enjoying the sun....

Next post - the Shed gets a refurb...

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Explosions - Nice and Easy

For sometime now I have been keen to build some explosion markers. The following tutorial is nothing new but might help people to build their own.

The cost for 12 of these I reckon comes out less than a tenner and they look great.

These started off life as a tealight, you can pick up a dozen of these flashing battery power ones up on ebay for less than £3


Next up I had some old polyester cushion filler I was using as smoke in my games. These were cut into rectangles with one side the circumference of the tea light. Mine stand about 12 cm tall.

These were glued using an all purpose glue - messy job so recommend you war latex gloves.

Leave overnight to dry. Once dry tease out the filler into a plume shape. This is very easy.

Take a good old black spray and....spray. Once dry (can take some time)...spray again.

Pull out battery tab and bobs your uncle...

Here you can see my finished effort sitting on top of a Sherman tank (solido version)

Total time to build (excluding drying time) about an hour.

Friday, 11 July 2014

Egyptian Adventures - The temple build part 1

So this afternoon I put down the gardening tools and started in earnest on my Egyptian Adventures Project. I decided to build an Egyptian temple fronted with a pylon tower.

This is very much work in progress but for an afternoons work I am quite happy...

As you can see I still need the roofs - I ran out of foam core.

The whole building is going to be clad in a blue foam skin. This way I can etch on the detail of the stone work and if I am lucky the heiro glyphs. Ideally I am looking for a stamp with heoroglyphs on so I could use this for indenting the surface.

The resin statue in the middle was a cheap buy on ebay  its very heavy !

We are off to Northampton shire this weekend for a family bash so no more progress over the weekend...

 off for a cold beer

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Egyptian Adventures - the Next Big Project

Hi Folks

Over the last few months Shed Wars has seen a host of new terrain builds and several games. We have ranged from the Dark Ages to Sci Fi with a fairly major focus on the VBCW. In this post I am announcing the next major project of 2014, this doesn’t mean to say that I won’t be returning to the others its just that I get itchy feet and always want to start something new.
With a few weeks Gardening leave to look forward to I have pulled together all the bits and pieces accumulated for the Egyptian Adventures.

A few months back I was inspired by War in 15mm post on the Lead Adventure Forum and his build of an Egyptian temple complex. I wanted one of those and thought it would be a great backdrop for all manner of games ranging from Pulp & Horror through Ancients and into Science Fiction (think Stargate). The Dry desert would also represent one of those terrains that didn’t currently exist in the shed so again this would all be new territory.
The assembled pieces so far...

So where did I start?

A search of all forums for Egyptian terrain revealed a host of possibilities but of course the starting point was a pyramid.
This of course is going to be stripped down and repainted
Perhaps the best and cheapest option would be to build my own but in the end I managed to pick up a playmobil version on ebay for a £20 (including postage).  For some strange reason they only come with three side panels. So I bought another !
If anybody wants a pyramid with two sides - make me an offer
Having travelled to Egypt a few times I was aware of the variety of tat that exists in the souvenir shops and I am delighted to report that many of these things can now be easily purchased on ebay.
The following pictures illustrate my growing hoard. Many of these will be repainted to a sandstone colour and represent the statues and ruins of my complex.

A trawl of aquarium ornaments revealed some nice pieces also picked up for good prices.

I'm going to scratch build a pylon tower and gate, as well as a rocky cliff face with a tomb complex in side. I managed to pick up twin Egyptian themed photo frames which will be perfect for entrances 
One of two picture frames purchased for a £1

I also have the playmobil Sphinx but I am not sure iof this is going to work...we will see 

From a figure perspective I have also been busy. An alert to a 50% off deal with Black Tree design saw the procurement of some Afrika Corps figures. Coupled with my Pulp figures already collected Il be able to kick off this period quite quickly. Of course my Afrika Corps need transport so this half track (solido) was bought on ebay for a fiver
Five of the 30 or so Africa Korps I purchased hiding behind their halftrack - these of course need painting
Bought these Brits in tropical dress years ago - might get to use them

  Of course we need a plane and a landing site to whisk away those treasures...

Of course we need Indiana as well
The palm trees all came from my Pirate games and of course I have this lot of adobe buildings for the nearby town...
ignore the church !!
The base boards will need to be created, sandy of course. Ill need dunes and wadis, plus of course the tomb cliff face. Cork bark has been acquired for the project...
Where do I start...

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

A few Photos from the last couple of games

Hi Folks

Its been a week since my last post - I must be slacking - ;-)

Actually I have started an eight week period of gardening leave and believe it or not I have been ....gardening!

So very little has been accomplished on the painting and terrain builds. I have however had a couple of cracking VBCW games with my good mate Mark and although there are no battle reports to publish (just didn't want to type..) I thought a few pretty pictures might be of interest.

However before I kick off I would like to share with you my latest ebay finds - a couple of French WW2 tanks each bought for less than a tenner. They are the Solido diecast toys but work very well with 28mm

Onto the games - the first game sees a lot of toys on the table top...the church, the bridge, the railway embankment etc - I just got too engrossed to take any action photos.

Rather pleased with the way the road signs have added to the flavour

I repainted the old Jarvis ruins to blend in with all the other buildings 

The second set of photos saw the action take place in a more upland and rural setting (notice change in backdrop). In this you get to see some of my poorly painted figures. Yes I know they are shiny.

Not such a good place to park an AT gun...

The school house (a dolls house) is now complete - see centre of picture

The station now has some benches courtesy of an o gauge Chinese supplier...

And finally an aircraft swooping over the battlefield.

We have a big all day & night game coming up soon so more action news to follow

Until next time

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Roadsigns for Little England

Over the last few months I have been scouring the internet for all sorts of treasures to place on my Very English Battlefield. Rather than talk about them in advance on the blog and subsequently drive up interests and potential competition on ebay I have held fire until I have made the necessary purchases. In this post Ill cover off a few items which will no doubt add another layer of interest to the gaming table.

A few months ago I read an interesting article on the VBCF (Very British Civil Forum) about roadsigns. That same day I was visiting a toy fair and found that Corgi & Gilco had produced metal versions of what I was looking for. At the toy fair the vendors were asking for anything upwards of £5-6 per piece. This was too steep for me.

On returning home I trawled ebay and threw in a few bids on some items – to my surprise I won a number of these and as a result I seem to have accumulated a rather large collection of roadsigns.


I know that these are the right shape as a quick bit of research revealed that the Road Traffic Act of 1934 (perfect timing) standardised roadsigns in the UK with the coding of triangles, warning signs etc.
I sorted the signs into two piles – those I wanted to keep and those that will be sold. I will initially advertised these on the Lead Adventure forum.


These signs due to their old age already look weathered but the basing needs some attention. So these have been stuck down on washers and given some ground cover. I have kept a few back from this treatment for town locations.
The following photos give some flavour on how they add to the setting

These are the ones up for sale - head here if interested
I am looking for £2.50 per sign - bear in mind these are already based - cheaper than your average mini

The picture below shows the sign in scale with a 28mm mini and lledo truck

I also acquired five shorter signs - these are £2 a pop

This is them next to the same mini

Finally I have a couple of politia beacons and traffic lights for sale (£1.50 each)

Until next time....