Friday 18 April 2014

Barging about on the River

As has been mentioned before its not often I am lucky on ebay but a few weeks ago was one of those times. Returning home a couple of weeks ago a rather strangle tubular package awaited me. Tearing off the paper the rather splendid object was revealed. A narrow boat/barge around 30cm long which could not be more perfect for 28mm figures.


There is always a danger when you buy stuff ‘off piste’ for our hobby – will these items scale properly but thanks to a half decent picture and the measurements listed on the descriptor page I thought it was worth a punt – the winning bid £3.20 plus £3.00 postage. For £6 I had secured an item that would cost so much more if it was a resin unpainted version.


This particular model had been lovingly crafted from wood with a few nice brass handrail and steering tiller in brass. The paintjob is also great so it can be used straightaway.


There is only one thing left to do take some pictures of the boat on my rivers – perfect for those VBCW games.


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One barge good - two barges better -  by chance found another on ebay - could I be second time lucky - you sure bet I could - this time a working barge around 17 inches long price including postage £8.00.
I don't think 'll need any more of these so I wont be bidding on any future ebay opportunities -

Hence the reason for this late posting - if interested in procuring your own just search model barges on ebay. Make sure you get the measurements before bidding. 
The canvas awning appears that it might come off so I am thinking that once I have time I might make this a lift off piece so the barge can be filled with troops & guns

As you can the scale is perfect for 28mm (figure from Copplestone)

And here are the two together..

I might need to build some locks now!

Until next time