Monday, 21 April 2014

The Manor is born part 2

Part 1 can be found here

The picture below is the progress I made a few weeks ago. So with the bank holiday in front of me I decided to crack on with this project.

First up I cut a base for the house to sit on.  The bits jutting out are the steps to the portico (entrance) the backdoor and the veranda.

This can be seen clearer in this picture. The patio/veranda sits to the left of the building.

The portico entrance needed to be grand. I picked up some pillars from Fenris Games - link below
and then I built up around these using plasticard.!/~/search/keywords=columns&offset=0&sort=relevance

The embossed sheets came from Wills which I sourced many years ago

As you can see the Colonel quite likes his new entrance (28mm figure by the way)

I decided that the Manor would be based on one of my terrain boards but rather than fixed to the board it would be lifted off for easy storage. This gives me the opportunity to 'landscape the gardens' of the Colonels home.

Some time ago I found these brick walls at a show so they will be perfect for the surrounding wall. If you look carefully the drive way is marked out in pencil.

You will also notice that I have covered the 8mm MDF base edges where the building meets the board with another thin strip of blue foam.

The chimney has also had an extension

Next up was to asphalt the drive using ballast and pva within the marked area. Once dry it was painted acrylic black.

I was intending to use flock and static grass for the lawn in two tones to give a striped appearance. I even got as far as painting the lawn areas a base green!

But then I discovered so off cuts of old GW battle mat - never ever throw anything away !

With the lawn laid the Manor got its first and second coat of paint - a mustardy yellow. The roof was primed black.

Eventually the window frames and portico will be painted white along with the corner stones.

Still not happy with the windows - I really need some 5mm thick plastic mesh

I think its starting to look the business now. The untreated area between the building and lawn/drive will be flower beds.

Just a quick pointer on the chimney. I really struggled here to find some decent pots then a moment of inspriration  - Lego !

Until next time


  1. A fine monument you have erected there. A stately pile!

  2. So, you have a figure for the Colonel but where's the Memsahib, Lady Virginia?

    Nice work on this manor house

  3. Brilliant work! Really like the way this project is coming along!

  4. Asphalt drive rather than the classier gravel?

  5. The National Trust would be proud! Great use of Lego bricks for the chimney pots too!

  6. Brilliant! Shed Towers! Love the eclectic chimney pots!

  7. Looking splendid, old boy. Perhaps a fountain in the center of the drive? All that asphalt, you know - it looks a bit... [i]practical[/i], don't you think?