Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Miniature Wonderland - Hamburg

Whilst in Hamburg for the Tactica event we took asdvantage of our stay in the city to visit the world famous Miniature Wonderland. This has to be the ultimate in Railway Modelling.

Spread over 4 large halls in a warehouse the display features trains, mountains, car (over 8000), little people (400,000 !) across a variety of vistas. Its the sort of place you can go back to again and again without getting bored.

I believe everything is HO OO scale?

During the course of the visit the lights change from day to night...

Sit back and enjoy the following photos...

The first few are a setting for a ficticious German City through the ages...

In Germany they cant use the Swastika at all so all Nazi flags are portrayed as red with white circles - if you look carefully you can see a BF109

The Russians and American meet..

The wall

And into the main rooms...

All the cars have Leds

If you ever go to Hamburg - be sure to visit the Miniature Wonderland !!


  1. Bloody hell, those are amazing! Definitely going on my places to visit list. Thanks for the pics sir!

  2. I've heard about it before. Definitely on my to do list.
    Thanks for the photos!

  3. WOW ... yes, I need to get there!!! Awesome!

  4. I'd love to visit that. The level of detail is amazing.

  5. Friend of mine was persuading me to go... I can see why now :)

  6. That's another place on the bucket list, thanks for sharing!

  7. Totally assume!! Just needs some zombies now

  8. Amazing stuff, the stadium knocked my socks off