Sunday, 8 February 2015

Pulp Tramp Steamer - On the Home Stretch...

Hi Folks

The first part to this build starts here...there is a link at the end of each post taking you to the next.

What with the rapid build going on with the volcano I decided I had enough of cork and filler so decided that this afternoon would be spent working on the Tramp Steamer...yippee I hear you cry...

When I left you last I had just finished off the decks and bought some doors, well progress has been swift..

First up I had to cover the cargo hold...I wanted to give this the impression of stretched canvas/tarpaulin. Initially cut up a piece of foam core to fit the hole and then laid over some coffee stirrer struts this was then liberally covered in pva and over the top I laid some kitchen paper towel

This was then painted black and subsequently drybrushed up in greys and browns..

Mean whilst I gave the superstructure a couple of coats of yellow ochre and then turned my attention to the final roof section. You can see the doors have now been added and don't they look super !

The roof section has been planked like the rest of the decks and will be given the same treatment.
You can see in the above picture that my painting was a bit clumsy so a quick touch up on the decks was required.

The top deck was then edged in white paint to provide a suitable contrast. You can also see the first coat of red on the funnel.

Now was as good a time to start distressing the boat - lets face it is a tramp steamer. So the whole boat has been dry brushed grey first - its going to get dirtier !!

Another photo down the starboard side. The portholes have had the insides painted black so far. I might still paint the surrounds copper..

But what's that on the bow of the ship...

Well the place I bought the doors from also sold other ships bits...a couple of bollards for tying up the ship on port and a hatch. These are yet to be fixed in their final positions. A similar arrangement will work on the stern

You can also see the dry brushing has picked out the paper on the the boat a rather crumpled affect.

And here she is starting to look like the boat she was intended to be...

Up next - stairs, lifeboat, rigging and of course the boom & crane

Plus a bit more dirt...

Until next time

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  1. Great stuff! Looking forward to seeing her in all her finished glory!

  2. most excellent , btw theres a playmobil oil tanker in the charity shop on alexandra triangle ( by the post office ) but they want £15 for it ...

  3. Looking very nice... some coiled rope round the bollards? if not too late you need a hole in the bulwarks (to allow the mooring rope to get to the bollards)? an anchor?