Sunday, 1 February 2015

Building a Volcano - part 2

Part 1 can be found here...

09.00hrs and the project is a go !!

First up fix an old Champagne box to base board. This has had one end chopped off and stands 36cm tall. The box will create a sturdy centre for the volcano plus creates an inside for something I have planned later on.

Cut roughly to 36cm high

Glued and screwed to baseboard.

Step two glue in skewers around the base to hold the polystyrene heart of the volcano.

Simple bbq skewers hold the polystyrene in place

As you can see in the following pictures as the volcano takes shape I have not been particularly careful in measuring pieces. Afterall you are not going to see this in the final pictures.

Layer 1

Working around the heart of the volcano I start building up the sides. As you can see this in not going to be even all the way round.

5 layers

The build is happening
All the way to the top,...

 So my final picture of the day...a polystyrene clad box...

More soon.....

part 3 can be found here


  1. I like where this is going!!!

  2. I promise not to feed any of legatus's figures to the great volcano god !

  3. I bet he takes it out to the back yard in the end, and pops a Roman Candle down that Champagne box for proper "Volcano" effect! ;-)