Monday, 23 February 2015

Photos from Tactica - Hamburg 2015

As mentioned in a previous post a few of the Lead Adventure Forum folks headed off to Tactica in Hamburg last weekend. I was fortunate to be counted amongst their number.

The following photos are a snapshot of the games on display at the event. However before I kick off I would like to express my thanks publically to all those in Germany who made me feel most welcome. In particular my sincerest thanks go to Dirk (NurgleHH) for his fantastic hospitality, his taxi services and translation services...

The event ran over two days in a venue just outside Hamburg. On both days the doors opened at 9am sharp and closed on the Saturday at 8pm and Sunday 4pm. Entrance for the two days was a reasonable 9 Euros and as foreign dignataries we were kindly invited to the all you can eat BBQ on Saturday night for a mere 12 Euros.

Of particular note was the cost of food and drink at the venue - eg a £1 for a coke, £2 for a beer and plate of food was not much more than £2.50. The food stall was constantly busy !

Traders were present with many British companies, Warlord Games, Magister Militum and Foundry to name a few.

I was hoping to see more German/European stuff not usually seen in the UK but it was obvious the British are very much to dominant force in Wargame paraphernalia.

However saying that I picked up a few terrain pieces and got a great deal on a large number of pulp figures - just about managed to squeeze it all into my travel bag.

Whilst in Hamburg we managed to visit the wonderful Miniature Museum - more in a forthcoming post, drink gallons of beer and consume plenty of sausages...a fantastic trip, great company and worthy of a second visit in the future.

So here we go...

The queue on Saturday Morning - apparently 1300 passed through the doors on Saturday and a slightly smaller number on Sunday. Interestingly the demographics of a German Wargamer appear to be identical to the British equivalent  chiefly middle aged, somewhat portly, fleece wearing, and backpack carrying.

The Trading Area

Main Entrance Hall

The Coffee Shop

And here are the games....I should state that most of there were participation games

Portable Pulp Game

Diorama of Hougoumont - think it is 1/72 scale

Battle of Waterloo

The Walking Dad - Zombie Game



3D printer in operation - making tanks - it takes around an hour to make one tank.

World War 1 - Bolt Action


A great vertical display on one of the stands


Grimm's Big 54mm Game using LOTOW rules - had a great game here - right down to the last roll of the die



A spectacular Conan Game set in the Desert



I think this was French Indian Wars

Watch your 6 - Channel Dash

I played the RAF - managed to bag two Focke Wulfs for the cost of one Spitfire - Tally H0 !

Sadly all the bombs and torpedoes failed to register any significant damage

Spectacular 'White Death Table' - the retreat from Moscow

The ice ion the river was made from Wax - very effective

Bolt Action - Luftwaffe Airfield

Spanish Civil War - cracking game here using Triumph & Tragedy ruleset - I lost this one as well

Behind Omaha Ruleset - Tank Action in a French Village

More Napoleonic Action

Rather interesting use of 6 inch tiles

Robot Wars

Dirt Racers Game

Spaceships on a fabulous underlit table

Crescent & Cross Saga

A Fantasy game

Dust Tactics - massive board with planes, subs and ruins


Cavern Crawl


I reckon I captured pictures of about 80% of the big games on display. There were a number of events going on even smaller tables.

I would certainly state that the many of the games on display exceeds those seen at shows in the UK

Hope you enjoyed the pictures


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