Thursday, 19 February 2015

Wargaming in Germany - Here we come

Hi Folks

Just wanted to pass on my excitement that this weekend I shall be going to my very first overseas Wargames event !!

Hamburg in Germany is the destination...for an event called TACTICA

Lots more info here...

I'll be travelling with a couple of other Lead Adventure Stalwarts - Malamute & Captain Blood

We fly out tomorrow to see the sights of Hamburg and the event kicks off Saturday and runs through to Sunday.

If any of my followers are reading this and are at the event please do reply - I'll be happy to meet and say hello.

Of course Photos of this event will go up on the blog early next week...


  1. I am so envious! I've been to Salute, so next on my bucket list is Crisis, then Tactica. PLease make sure you take some pics of Monty's 1812 game, it looks awesome from his blog.

  2. You see me green with envy! Looking forward to lots of pics.

  3. genie├čen Sie Ihre Reise!.... Isn't Google translate great!

  4. Oh no, I've been there last year but won't got now. What a pity, It would have been nice to shake your hand. Have fun and enjoy the show!

  5. Enjoy! Still to make my first overseas con but maybe one day...

  6. Bitte berichte uns, was Du Neues gesehen hast und bring Fotos auf Deinen Blog. Wir sind sehr gespannt! (Ich verfolge stronghold-terrain, was die dort so ausstellen werden.)
    Danke und LG

  7. looking forward to seeing all the goodies you buy !