Monday, 16 February 2015

Building a Volcano - part 4

So quite a big update on the Volcano.
The previous post for this build can be found here

So first up I had to finish cladding this beast. In the end I used two whole tubes of cork bark. Total cost about £18.

You can see in the picture below I am trying to step the volcano to allow for at least some playability

Eventually with all the cork bark fixed I could fill and cover the exposed polystyrene areas. I added black acrylic paint to the filler to give it a grey colour.

I left one small area of the base exposed for a temple entrance...

I needed to build the crown of the volcano, scratching my head for ideas I game up with this option.

A circle of hardboard (roughly the size of the summit)...

then I fixed a piece of polystyrene on top with adhesive and one dry used the trusty foam cutting jig to make the crown.

This was then glued to the summit. I began playing around with some lighting affects

Whilst waiting for the frown to dry I glued in the temple entrance at the bottom of the mountain. This is an Egyptian tomb entrance sourced from Scotia Grendel - link below

The entrance was then built up using filler and odd pieces of cork.

Elsewhere I finished off the filling around the rest of the mountain. Black paint was added to the white filler hence the grey effect.

I then turned my attention to the summit and built this up with filler.

Still loads more to go ...

Part 5 can be found here


  1. Looks great, if you had some smoke coming out, it would be amazing

  2. Looks good, so far! You might be able to light it with some of those twinkly Tea lights people are using for "explosion" markers - maybe with a thick ink glaze over the bulbs for different colours?

  3. This is coming along beautifully!

    If you drilled out the temple back into the central, wooden frame, could you get your red lighting effect spilling out of the entrance too? that would look awesome.

  4. Looking good so far, I am looking forward to the next instalment!

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