Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Pulp Terrain - Dragons, Statues, Bridges and a Balloon

Postie has been busy.....

A few days ago one of the guys on the Lead Adventure Forum posted that he had bought some Balinese Dragons which were perfect for his pulp temple.

So a quick search on ebay revealed these  =- at the time I thought I was buying two for £7.00 so wanting four I ordered two sets. Unfortunately I didn't actually read the small print as this stated that they were £7.00 each and not for the pair. Not too worry these aquarium ornaments will no doubt feature in one of my many planned pulp games.

Now whilst on ebay I found this statue on auction for 99p and guess what I won ! Add in £2.80 for postage I think I got a bargain.

The figure shown is 28mm scale so this makes a great jungle monument.Whats better is that it doesn't even need a paint job.

Finally, and talking about bargains my wife and I were browsing some of the junk shops near Hampton Court and this box caught her eye (I am clearly training her well). Unbeknownst to me she paid the tenner asked for and popped it into her bag. Later in the afternoon she presented me with this gift.

As far as I can tell this is an American manufactured model by a company called AMT in the 1970's. The scale is 1/50.

All the pieces are in the box including the cords for the basket

I mentioned bridges in the post title....well look what I also found on ebay for a few pounds (£7 if I recall)...

An Airfix Pontoon Bridge...I have absolutely no idea what I am going to use this for but I am sure it will get pressed into action at some point in time.

Finally you may recall I bought a rope bridge...well as things turn out I discovered that thee were two models and the second was bigger...quite a lot longer. Net result I now have two bridges to traverse the chasms.

until next time....


  1. Some good buys.
    In the recent Airfix Black Friday Sale (what are we coming to) I purchased the Pontoon Bridge for £3.00.

  2. Great stuff! Can't find a way to contact you - please drop me a line [ kevinjrh (at) mymts (dot) net ]. I have a couple more aquarium pieces that will go great with that "head" monument. They're yours if you want them.

    1. Hi Kevin sent you an email...will edit your address out..

    2. Cant seem to edit address - will delete comment once I know all correct

  3. Very good finds, the balloon is excellent :)

  4. Good finds there! I especially covert the rope bridges!

  5. Great stuff. The balloon is a great find!

  6. Great finds. That balloon is just perfect. I'd love to se pictures of the finished thing.

  7. I've not seen that Civil War Balloon before - looks like a great model.


  8. some great pulp items ... never seen that balloon b4 , last sold on ebay for £20 so a tenner is a bargain .

  9. I meant to say around the shed in 80 minutes ... btw I promise not to shoot the balloon down ...