Thursday, 1 October 2015

Frostgrave - Shed Wars jumping on the bandwagon

As I am sure so many of you are aware Frostgrave has been getting a great deal of press I decided to jump on the bandwagon.

Northstar Games have offered a perfect entry point with one of their Nickstarter Campaigns

I have decided to jump straight in with the level 5 package (yes I know it costs £203) as it gives so many goodies  -

Level Five Lich Lord £203:

This includes

A copy of the Thaw of the Lich Lord supplement plus the 3 Lich Lord treasure tokens

A copy of the core rulebook

A copy of the Tales of the Frozen City

A Spell card deck

a box of plastic Frostgrave Cultists

a box of plastic Frostgrave Soldiers

and one pack of each of the metal figure releases:
Lich Wizard and Apprentice
Bard & Mule
Crow Master & Javelineer
Ghoul King
Wraith Knights
Armoured Skeletons
bonus Gnoll Chieftain!

the ten Wizard packs,
the four Specialist Soldier packs
the six Bestiary packs

Plus, the Armour Rack,
the Lectern,
the six  Treasure tokens.

As a special addition, level five Lich Lords receive the Lich Lord figure free!

On top of that if the Nickstarter hits certain pledge levels other goodies are available...

Looks like Frostgrave is next years project - just need to think about the terrain !!

Until next time


  1. Loving Frostgrave and hope you do too.

  2. Had our first game recently and had a blast. Look forward to seeing some Shed Wars Frostgrave battle reports!

  3. glad to see I'm not the only one drinking the koolaid, lol...

  4. Does nothing for me I'm afraid.

  5. welcome aboard the rollercoaster!

  6. I hitched a ride on the Bandwagon recently, although only as far as trying out the rules to see what all the fuss was about. Jury is still out for me; further investigation required ;)

    1. They seem very simple...but I like that...maintaining the development over a campaign will take some time

  7. I have been thinking about this too and I know Alastair has started painting some figures. Count me in!

    1. Counted...don't buy any more figures coz I think I'll have too many which I will sell off to mates at discount