Thursday, 8 October 2015

Countdown to BLAM 2015

Tomorrow see the highlight in my gaming year - BLAM !

A group of some 30 Lead Adventurers for the Lead Adventure Forum will converge on my local pub for three days of games, beer and more games. This year promises to be one of the best with games covering Cavemen to Cluedo (Pulp Style)

On Sunday the function room is being turned into the Caribbean for a massive Pirate Game - I think about 20 ships and crew will be evident. Playing across desert islands and tropical ports. Cant wait.

For my sins I am running a Pulp Alley game set in the 1930's docks. This is of course part of my Scales of Anubis campaign. Full write up of episode five the Balance of Souls next week.

Over the weekend I'll post up photos from the game and no doubt feller Lafers will be crearting threads on the forums. In the meantime if you missed the pictures from previous years you can find them here 

until next time

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