Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Blood Rage

Back in March of this year whilst I was backing the Conan boardgame on Kickstarter my attention was brought to this other game - Blood Rage -

A game of Vikings, monsters, Gods and Ragnarok. For the princely sum of $75 (about £50) I decided to back this.

Yesterday a big box arrived containing all of this...

Rather than list all the contents this is what the final pledge manager delivered. I decided not to add the 5th player expansion.

So I thought a few pictures of the minis would be welcome...

These two come from the Wild Boar Clan

These are two of the gods - good idea to use a different colour

Plus some of the beasties...this is Fenrir - not only is he huge he is beautiful

This is my favourite the Hill Giant - standing very tall.

To give a sense of scale here he is standing next to a standard fireforge 28mm mini...

The game will get played sometime this winter as the shed becomes too cold. Some of these minis might also get roped into other games

Until next time


  1. Bought exactly the same set, for the same reasons - will play the game over xmas with the family, then paint the figures up next year for wargaming. Hoping the plastic/resin paints up well!

  2. I'm waiting for my box. Eagerly. It will be fun to see the figs in the flesh, or rather plastic. I'm especially keen to see the trolls and the sea-monster.
    That hill giant looks great and will definitely see action in D&D, Open COmbat and what not.

  3. Looks interesting and the figures look like they have lots of potential for a whole range of games...the Hill Giant especially looks excellent.

  4. The figures are very nice. I'm aiming to use the giants and trolls in Frostgrave. I wonder how well they will take varnish though. In the past when I've tried to varnish soft plastic, the figures remain tacky.

  5. Mine's arrived too. It all looks very good and even slightly better than the normal CMON standard. I wouldn't be surprised if some of the miniatures find their way into games of Saga.

  6. Wow. Those are fine looking minis. Good buy!