Monday, 12 October 2015

BLAM 2015

So BLAM 2015 has now happened....

Met some great new people and caught up with a number of old friends. Plenty of beer (too much on Friday !), lots of games, and an event that went relatively smoothly.

Went out with the camera over the three days and took some pictures - they are not brilliant as the light in the room was awful and I discovered that the lens was misbehaving itself.

A big thank you to all the games hosts, the staff of the Berrylands Pub and to all the participants for a wonderful weekend. If you want to learn more about this event head over to the Lead Adventure Forum.

A couple of shots of the room before the fun starts...

The gamers...

The photos...(apologies to Damas but I seem not to have taken pictures of your Star Wars Game)

Cave Wars - Captain Blood

Follow that Camel - Hu Rhu

Dorset with a Twist - Dr De'Ath, Jim Bibbly & Malamute

The Balance of Souls - Eric the Shed

Geronimac's Rescue from Upsheet Creek - Mason

Muskets & Tomahawks - Malamute (special thank you for setting in when another game got cancelled)


Pulp Alley Cluedo - Chris Abbey

Lion Rampant - Painterman

Tommy & Fritz - Silent Invader

Big Pirate Game - Andym & GamerMac

and so another BLAM is done...

Until next time


  1. Looks like a smashing day - the tables look fantastic. Bravo to all involved!

  2. Great, I've been eagerly waiting for photos, and they don't disappoint. Superb looking tables! Yours looks excellent.

  3. Wonderful! Great figures and terrain on display there.

  4. Some nice looking bijou games there and you look to be all enjoying yourselves, so the event must have been a success. Its invidious to praise one above another, but I do like the Old West town.

  5. Impressive gaming well done to all the games masters !

  6. great looking games - is the berrylands pub the one just outside kingston upon thames?

  7. Very Impressing Game-boards! Nice modells and ...I am soo ... I wanted to be there!!

  8. Looks like it was an amazing time.

  9. A wonderful mix of thematic boards and fantastic eye candy disguising a lot of hard work no doubt! A great advert for our hobby. Well done to all involved.