Friday, 2 October 2015

Finishing touches to my Pirate Ships

With one week to go for BLAM (the Lead Adventure British 3 day wargames get together) I thought I had better get my skates on to finish off the various pieces we will need.

I am delighted to report that the Port is now finished - pictures of this will be shown at a later point in time. This will form the backdrop for the penultimate part of the Scales of Anubis campaign.

However on the Sunday we are setting the room up for a massive Pirate Game - islands, ports, ships etc

This meant I had to rapidly finish off the ships that had been languishing in the shed..

Principally I needed to add Sails and some rigging...

The Sail Cloth came from a cream coloured table cloth I bought in Wilko a few years back for just this purpose. I merely sewed this onto the spars using needle and thread. Not perfect but it does do the job.

The Sails on the Ainsty Man O War came from a plastic toy - and repainted. Just cant find any more of them ;-(

The ratlines that you can see come from plastic gutter guard - a black mesh like material found in a pound shop. This is made from vinyl so superglue wouldn't work. In the end I sewed the on the top spars and jammed the bases into green stuff (still has to be painted)

I think they look OK and will serve the purpose well..

Ainsty Man O War

Ainsty Merchant Man
Ainsty Brig - Sails need to be stiffened with white glue.

Until next time


  1. These are great. Well done. I love the sails. I have a ship that is languishing as I have no ideas what to do with the sails. I really like how you did them.

  2. Fantastic job.
    I have been avoiding doing the rigging on my Longship, but you make it look easy!

  3. Splendid job and great photos!

  4. When I made my ships I made the sails with cardboard you just have to leave some stripes on one end and roll them up on the mast, quick, easy and good looking!