Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Amera Plastic Terrain

A few weeks back I announced that the members of the Shed gaming group were going to try to set up a Frostgrave campaign in 2016. We have all seen some great things written about this game and with many of the Shed gamers having RPG routes this seemed like a fun idea.

But what about the terrain I hear you ask.

The plan is to build two 4 x 4 terrain sets. That way we can play a couple of games simultaneously and also rotate the terrain around.

Looking for inspiration I came across a wonderful thread on the LAF called Harry does Frostgrave and in this he showed up the use of Amera's plastic formed terrain and the possibilities they offer this sort of game.


So off to the website I went and purchased a few items. My only experience of Amera before this purchase was of their plastic ruined buildings set. Good pieces.

Amera's website: http://www.amera.co.uk/product.php?range=f

A few days later a massive box arrived revealing some very large pieces ! I am going to have serious storage problem in the shed.

All told I orders 7 pieces from their futuristic and fantasy ranges and as I said they are massive.

The figure in the shots is a 28mm Fireforge Soldier

ruined building

ruined tower

step pyramid

Ruined watchpost on hill

Ruined Tall Building (keep ?)

Ruined Temple

In the coming weeks I need to tackle my storage problem and then consider how I am going to dress these pieces

Until next time


  1. I've got a couple of the (smaller) Amera pieces myself, they're great value and really work well on the table. Can't wait to see what you do with them!

    1. come back soon ...might try a job on one over the weekend

  2. I think you might have missed one when taking the pics - I only count 6 scenery pieces.

    I was thinking of getting some of these pieces for my Junglegrave set-up. Seeing how big they are, I think it's wise for me to hold off until I've actually had my spare room cleared out and refurbished as a hobby room (mostly for storage and painting).

    1. Thee is seven...the last piece was tiny and not worthy of a photo

  3. They look great...but I just wouldn't have the room!

  4. now if you can solve the storage problem please share it is my biggest problem even with a dedicated room. my dungeon terrain is still sitting in the corner whilst i decide what to do with it. ps i like the terrain

  5. How durable are they? Can you dimple them or are they pretty solid?

  6. Reminds me of the plastic formed stuff we had as kids