Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Spooky...just in time for Halloween

Last night I received a newsletter from Petite Properties advertising their latest wares.

What caught me eye was this rather spooky mansion in 1/48 scale which is perfect for 28mm.

It looks perfect for those horror and cultist games.

The only thing I am unsure about is the this open or closed. I have written to the company but have had no response.

Stop Press: Tony Broadwood of Petite Properrties has come back to me and confirmed there is no back to this model (should not be hard to fashion one in keeping with rest of kit)

You can find this model on this link

For more 1/48 scale Dolls House stuff great for wargames head here

Until next time


  1. That's a great find (site bookmarked for future projects). Looking at their site though I suspect it is open, they seem to do a "360" range which are closed buildings, but this building isn't part of the range. Still a nice piece though and could still be used at the table edge?

  2. A very nice piece. Thanks for bringing this to my attention, as although I was aware of this company (due to your previous posts regarding their church) I hadn't visited in a while. Looks like my mystery solving teens have another location to investigate!

  3. Not somewhere I would choose to stay! It does look spot on