Monday, 30 March 2015

My little piece of England keeps growing...

Having already built a number of MDF buildings for my VBCW project I somehow ended up buying a few more on ebay in the last few months.

The first shown here is the Café from the Pegasus bridge set produced by Warlord Games. I seemed to have acquired this for the princely sum of £2.99.

As you can see the building is now built but the windows are door frames were all a bit bland. I added some legdes and frames using coffee stirrers. These were cut using my latest tool...the chopper. A very worthwhile birthday present.

This chops wood, plastic etc with really keen cuts and all to the same length. A great gift. The blade is so sharp just touching this caused a great cut on my finger !

The building has been rendered with builders sand.

The whole thing was then painted cream with the shutters painted a rather nice blue. The roof was covered in individual cereal card tiles

Still need to mount this on a base which was sadly missing from the model I acquired.

I also managed to acquire these terraces from Timeline miniatures - Again these were relayively straightforward to build and have been given the render treatment. Windows are doors will be added once painted.

The longer terrace has an integral shop built in...will probably end up as Jones the Butcher

The great thing about these buildings are the integral back yards complete with outhouse.

as you can see I have now treated the exteriors with a sand covering and begun to give them their first coat of paint.

The window frames and doors will all be painted separately and glued into the final model.

Finally I was so impressed with the timeline products I splashed out and bought their work in progress shots here but as you can see the whole thing goes together brilliantly.


I still need to do some finishing work on this but it does look the business

More to come very soon...


  1. Love them there chap and I love the Trumans pub, its like one I used to work in years ago

  2. Fantastic! They'd look great with a volcano in the middle too :-)
    The proliferation of mdc buildings is fantastic, but going the extra mile is really worth it.
    I did something similar with my Saxon Church project:

  3. Very nice, thanks for heads up on the chopper.

  4. Very nice additions to 'Old England'. Mind you, I almost misread part of the post and was impressed you cut out stuff with your Chopper.

  5. I really like those Warmill buildings, but their shipping to the US is £12, so will have to wait for now.

    I have a chopper, and it is a great tool, although I find that the little square cutting mat to be a little less durable than I would like (so I got a spare)