Friday, 13 March 2015

Saracen Pennants, Flags and Banners

Hi Folks

If you have been following my blog over the past three months you will be aware that I have been attempting to paint up a large Saracen army for my Crusade games (The Crusaders will follow).

When I think of Saracen armies I think of flags, banners pennants etc fluttering in the desert winds. I wanted lots of flags for my army. If for no reason that it will bring the force to life.

I quick realised that sourcing all my flags and banners commercially was going to leave me out of pocket rather rapidly so I decided to make some of my own.

This proved to be very easy.

I googled Arabic calligraphy and Arabic/Islamic designs in images and was presented with a raft of wonderful pictures. Now I have no idea what many of these things say but they look the part.

An hour later I have two pages of over 20 designs. These were copied and flipped to create both sides of the flag.

By reducing and enlarging the size of each image I can create the right size banner for my forces.

If anybody wants a pdf of these images just drop me a line.

Ill probably do another couple of pages by the time that I am finished

The flags will then be printed onto normal paper, cut out and glued onto those bare flagpoles. Whilst the PVA is drying twist and curl the flag to create movement in the material.

PS: Please do NOT ask me what the Arabic words are...

More on this soon...


  1. Ohh shiny.

    I think I will use these. Really big thanks for sharing these.

  2. Beautiful, but no use to me. I'm just impressed by your generosity.

  3. Very cool! I wouldn't mind a copy of your PDF, thanks! (I think you'll have previous emails from me about the Fish Tank terrain items). Cheers, Kevin

  4. Very useful, great work!

  5. Excellent resource, thanks for the banners, and the tip!

  6. Thank you for posting these wonderful Saracen flags. I am sure that I will be using them for my Ayyubids if I ever get around to painting them.

    *sigh* . . . so little time, so much lead . . . *sigh*

    -- Jeff

  7. What a great idea, could you send me a copy of the PDFs ?

    1. Hi Gary

      Very happy to send you a PDF - you can either email me on the blog or alternatively pm me your details on the Lead Adventure Forum

    2. I don't know if this offer is still valid, but may I request the pdf please?

    3. I don't know if this offer is still valid, but may I request the pdf please?

  8. Hi,
    just ana amazing work ! could you send me the pdf of your flags and banners please ?
    Thanks a lot !
    regards from France

  9. Looks great. Could you kindly send to me as a pdf file. Cheers from Australia.

  10. These are beautiful. I'm just painting up some Arabs at the moment could you please send me the pdf of these?

    1. I would love to send you a copy but I am going to need an address - send me a pm via the Lead Adventure forum or TMP to Eric the Shed

    2. Hi Eric,
      Thanks, please send them to