Wednesday, 1 April 2015

A VBCW AAR - The Retreat at West Clandon

Monday night saw the return of the Very British Civil War to the Shed.

R,J & M all joined me for the action (must give them pseudonyms !).

Because they are all either returning from work or waiting on spouses to return from work games typically start around 8pm but this time I started something different. I stated in advance that the game would start as the first person arrived with new commands added as the others arrived and these would be fed into the battle.

This worked rather well as J & I kicked off proceedings at 7.30pm and managed to play five turns before R arrived. R joined J in leading the Anglican assault on the BUF held village of West Clandon. I had to wait until 9pm until M arrived. He had to talk to a decorator ! all very British Civil War.

The scenario was established as an attack versus defence game. The BUF having been pushed back from Guildford were in retreat and had to prevent the village of West Clandon being overrun. The BUF was outnumbered 3 to 2 once all the forces were on the table but given M's late arrival much of the time the League enjoyed a 3 to 1 advantage. 

The photo below shows the village of West Clandon in the distance - the League are attacking from the two roads at the bottom of the picture. The board was bisected by the railway line. Wheeled vehicles could only cross at the level crossing.

To further compound the BUF 's misery they were in retreat and had not established a defensive line. My initial forces would start on the level crossing and their reinforcements (commanded by M) would enter from the edge of the village.

A few shots of the battlefield before the battle kicked off...

The BUF in full retreat over the level crossing, a panzer 1 covering the rear.

The Leagues forces enter the battle field - fire is exchanged between the light tanks. Rounds bounce off the Panzers armour.

Out numbered 3 to one by the League forces the Panzer 1 retreats rapidly across the crossing.

BUF AT Gunner set up and open fire on the lead League tanks

Immobilising the front armoured vehicle (the tracks fell off !)

The BUF infantry prepare to defend the crossing..

The League establishes a mortar base on the higher ground (my new hills) outside of rifle range and start shelling the BUF positions

League Infantry establish a firing base in the building next door to the rail crossing and begin to pour fire into the retreating fascists
In rapid succession my defensive elements are wiped out by concentrated League Fire and I begin to head back into the village. 

BUF reinforcements arriving by Bus...

League infantry advance up the BUFs left flank.

The Pillbox overlooking the rail crossing sends out a stream of lead...

Before being enveloped in smoke

Allowing R's League troops to advance en masse into the outskirts of the village

J's forces overrun the pub and take out a rather useless sniper.

The forces charge out of the pub and close assault the BUF's lone armoured car

The league keep pushing forward - armour advancing down the BUF's right flank

A furious firefight erupts between the armoured forces and once again the BUF tanks brew up.

By now M has his forces in position..

But its all too late as League forces enter the village

The two League commanders survey their victory...


A cracking game - only briefly told in the pictures.

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  1. Great looking game,what rules did you use?

    1. Bolt Action - they suit the fast play approach in the shed

  2. Love your tables and your battle reports!

  3. Great report and wonderful photos!

  4. another cracking ''bolt action '' game .... the anxst of reaching our objectives by 10.45 pm was telling .....

  5. great battle report. VBCW stuff is very much on my list of things to do.

  6. Excellent AAR, and nice table set-up!

  7. Once again, a joy to visit your blog!