Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Building a Volcano - Entering the Competition

Hi Folks

If you have been following the Volcano thread and wondered whatever happened ? Well I can report that the beast did get finished but I was not allowed to share any information until competition time.

Twenty four hours ago the competition was launched on the Lead Adventure Forum - link here

Now if you are a member of this illustrious forum you get three votes to cast for your favourite entries...hopefully one of these will be mine ...nudge nudge wink wink !

Seriously just vote for the best three and if my volcano is one of these then great.

If you are NOT a member of the forum I can say that you are missing out big time. 

Wish me luck...polls close in about 4 days time !!

Until next time


  1. Ooh wow that's fab. But you could do with some eerie steam/smoke movie style. A bit of kapok perhaps?

  2. Looks brilliant! I'm off to vote...

  3. I took great pleasure in watching this amazing job.

  4. Wonderous mate - thanks for sharing and good luck!

  5. very excellent ... pulp alley soon ???