Sunday, 8 March 2015

Building the Saracen Army part 4

Back at the beginning of January I updated you on my progress with the Saracen army -

well things are still progressing well and with the plan to finish this whole project by the end of March I can say that there is light at the end of the tunnel !

The previous link is here

So lets start with some stats... the force now comprises of the following

81 Missile Foot Troops (About 80% are armed with bows)

133 Infantry (either spear or melee weapon armed)

20 Officers, musicians and other personalities eg assassins

105 Mounted Horsemen

9 Camels

1 Wizard on a Flying Carpet (could not resist)

This gives a total Army of about 350 Figures - the mix of 1/3rd Cavalry seems about right

Primary Sources - Gripping Beast & Black Tree Design & Ebay  - it is an economy army ! - I reckon total expenditure is about £250max

This certainly gives me the volume to use these for both Big Hail Caesar Battles or even field multiple Lion Rampant or Saga forces

The Saracen Army

The Force spreads across about 6ft of table

Latest Addition - Heavy Saracen Horse

Going to need a lot of movement trays for all this infantry

Spot the difference - Fireforge and 28mm HaT - all with Gripping Beast Heads

The Red Guard

I have around 30 figures still to paint or finish off so should get these done in the next week or so.

These to finish next - I have done the camels

A few xbows - plus the leaders and other bits and pieces

I then need to finish the basing on all these !! and attach the shields with transfers. A big envelope arrived from Little Big Men Studios to do these but I still don't think I have enough.

Finally I need to source and add a number of banners to complete the force

Its all good fun and I even surprised myself when I realised I only started this in early December

Until next time

Part 5 can be found here


  1. That's amazing progress Eric. This looks to be a wonderful army.

  2. Amazing!!!
    Here´s a link to some free "generic" flags/Banners

  3. It could also be used as a Harad army for Lord of the Rings ...

  4. Staggering progress, I have painted six figures this year!